How to make a newborn who has eczema more comfortable at night

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Little babies are sensitive to their sleeping environments at the best of times, so what can you do to make life more comfortable for them when they’re also battling a skin condition?

Sensitive skin

That’s why new mum Sarah rang the Feed Play Love Helpline recently.

Her 15-week-old son has a case of eczema and is having trouble sleeping at night – making noises and expressing his discomfort.

“At the moment he is going to sleep in one of those Sleep to Dream bags. But he grizzles through the night and has started to scratch his face a bit. Is it too soon to switch him to a wrap?” Sarah asked mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue.

Listen to Chris Minogue on Feed Play Love’s Helpline:

Snug as a bug in a wrap

“He probably is a bit hot in the bag. And with his clothes on too, that would be irritating his eczema,” says Chris.

Chris advised Sarah to look around for a large-sized wrap that she can put her baby in at night.

“Start with a muslin wrap and wrap him in that and then put a blanket on him for extra warmth. You could also try a bamboo stretchy wrap, like a jersey wrap, in a big size so you can wrap him completely.”

Chris also told Sarah to put extra clothes on her baby at nighttime, and add an extra blanket over the top of him, for warmth.

“The material you choose for the wrap is important. It needs to be breathable so it doesn’t irritate his eczema,” says Chris.

“So dress him up, double the wrap over him and tuck him in with a blanket over the top.”

He’ll be snug as a bug in a rug without irritating his sensitive skin! 

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