7 thoughts all mums have when aimlessly driving their little ones off to sleep

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When I was driving my two over-tired babies around recently in a bid to get them off to sleep, I found myself succumbing to Maccas drive-through for lunch.

Of course, I had made them eat something before we left, including a piece of fruit, but I had forgotten about me. Now, I know McDonald’s isn’t exactly a nutritious lunch but as soon I saw two little heads to the side in their sleep position, I made a beeline for it. I was starving.

It made me think, what other things do I do and think when aimlessly driving my kids around so they will sleep.

Can you relate to any of these?

1. Oh geez, I need to pee!

I wish I were wearing a nappy right now like my toddler. I need to WEE! Oh, so bad, it actually hurts. No, change that, I wish I was my five-year-old son and had a penis. Then I could just wee on that tree over there and not have to wake anyone up, or I could sit in a soggy nappy. What to do? I know, I’ll drop in on my friend who lives near here, and I’ll ask her to mind the kids in the car so that I can use her loo.

2. I wish I were them

I’m so tired that I wish I were them right now, having someone drive me to sleep. Lucky ducks. They look so peaceful. What I wouldn’t give for a nap today. Yawn.

Young baby asleep in car seat - feature

3. Where can I drive that’s new?

I have driven in every direction possible from my house. It’s sooo boring. Is there ANYWHERE I can go for a change of scenery that isn’t too far, so I can still get home in time to make dinner?

4. I need coffee

Oh, I am going to fall asleep at the wheel if I don’t get some caffeine. But how can I get a coffee? Is drive through McCafe my only option? Yes, it is. You have two sleeping children in the car.

5. Will they wake up though?

If I do swing by Maccas and press that noisy intercom button, will it wake them? My life will not be worth living this afternoon if it does. Should I risk it? Yeah, I think I will. COFFEE!

Bored mum in car

6. Where can I drink this in peace

Mmmm, coffee was a good idea, but I would really like to park the car somewhere and enjoy it. But the lull of the car engine is what’s keeping them asleep. I know … I will park and then start the engine if they stir. Now, thank goodness for social media.

7. I need to wake them up

OK, Facebooking and coffee were nice, but if I let them sleep any longer they will be entering the ‘will fight bedtime’ zone. I will drive to a playground and wake them up. That way they won’t mind being woken up, and we’ll also fill in the afternoon. 

Now, I just need to time our play so I can still get dinner on. I should have let them sleep at home and folded the damn washing – but then they probably wouldn’t have. Sigh, car sleeps are a sure thing. And gawd knows, I need them to sleep!

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