6 ways to keep babies cool on hot summer nights

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There are all kinds of benefits to beating the heat and optimising sleep, and it’s not all about having sweet dreams!

When it comes to families, sleep has a positive impact on both physical and mental health for parents and for babies. It also provides the restorative down-time little bodies — and little brains — need to grow and develop. Sleep boosts memory, language, executive function, and overall cognitive development in babies and children.

Unfortunately at this time of the year, we have several more months of hot days and stifling nights to endure. And it can be a real challenge to ensure your baby is comfortable when the mercury is rising.

Thankfully we’ve compiled a checklist of simple ways you can help your baby beat the heat – and let everyone get some much-needed sleep …

6 ways to keep babies cool on hot summer nights

1. Keep bedding light and choose stay-cool fibres

Natural fibres and fabrics developed to keep babies comfortable are the best choices on hot summer nights. Go for cotton or the new tech-y thermoregulated fabrics that give parents peace of mind and keep babies comfy.

2. Choose the right sleepwear  for your baby

The right sleepwear can make a huge difference, drawing heat away from your baby’s body. Bonds Wondercool babywear is designed with temperature control on board. Bonds Wondercool range is made from adaptive cooling fabric that keeps baby comfortable, whatever the weather. It’s also the only baby clothing approved by Red Nose for safer sleep.

Bonds Wondercool suit

3. Cool the room before bedtime

Start thinking about creating a cool sleep environment from early in the morning, before the sun has risen. Make sure to keep blinds and curtains drawn to help keep heat and sunlight out and consider the use of an oscillating fan in the corner of the room or doorway to help with air flow.

4. Try a cooler bath before bed

A cooler than usual bath before bedtime can help freshen your baby up, bring their temperature down and make them comfortable enough to drift off to sleep. Keep bath time as quiet and relaxed as possible to help your baby stay calm and cool.

5. Use a fan in your baby’s room

An oscillating fan placed away from the cot will not only keep your baby cool and help them sleep more soundly, it also acts as a white noise machine and has been found to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in some situations. This is a no-brainer for those hot nights.

6. Skip the swaddling

While swaddling can help keep your baby cosy when the weather is cool, on very hot nights, you might choose to give is a miss altogether.

If you do want to continue swaddling during hot weather, always use lightweight wraps such as muslin or cotton, and be careful not to overdress your baby when wrapping. Never use bunny rugs or blankets to wrap or swaddle a baby as these can cause overheating.

And if you choose not to wrap or swaddle your baby in the warmer months, opt for lightweight cotton bedding that is firmly tucked in when baby is put to bed. Always remember to position baby with their feet to the foot of the cot to prevent them from wriggling under the sheets.

With a little preparation you can make sure your baby — and indeed your whole family — gets a good night’s sleep.

Dream. Come. True!

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