Mums are going nuts over Jessica Simpson’s jaw-dropping breast milk photo

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Jess and husband Eric Johnson are parents to two-month-old daughter Birdie, six-year-old daughter Maxwell and five-year-old son Ace Knute and it’s fair to say that the mum-of-three is having no issues with her breast milk supply. 

Most Valuable Pumper (MVP)

Jess has been sharing little glimpses of their life as a family of five on social media, and her latest update has lots of mums wishing they were so fortunate.

“I’m starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection,” Jess joked on Instagram posting an image of the interior of her freezer. Captured inside are scores of pouches of frozen pumped breast milk. Look, there might even be 100 of ’em. There is a lot.

While some women find breastfeeding a challenge and pumping a real battle, Jess very fortunately has none of those issues and is nailing the milk-expressing game. #GoJess!

It’s brilliant that she’s finding this part of new mum life so easy, as she had a pretty difficult pregnancy. Jess had some pretty intense swelling in her legs and feet. She was also hospitalised with bronchitis and battled insomnia, indigestion and anxiety.

Now that her baby – the gorgeous Birdie – has arrived safe and sound, Jess is taking motherhood in her stride. She’s pumping like a champ and fans are suggesting that if she’s able to, she might consider donating her excess breast milk.

“Woooow that’s impressive! I struggle to express more than an ounce,” one follower posted.

“I could use some of that milk omg I wish!” another fan wrote. “My baby is 3 wks old I can’t pump enough I might have to start formula and it’s super pricy.”

“You are very blessed to make that much milk!” someone else wrote. “I never made that much with my 2, but I’m hoping this time with my 3rd baby maybe I’ll make a bunch.”

Got milk?

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association breast milk in closed containers like this can be stored for up to 12 months, but its safe ‘shelf life’ depends on the sort of freezer you have. If you’re keen to store milk for the longer term, then a deep freeze is definitely the go.

You can store breast milk in a closed container for:

  • 2 weeks in freezer compartment inside refrigerator (-15°C)
  • 3 months in freezer section of refrigerator with separate door (–18°C)
  • 6–12 months in deep freeze (–20°C**)

It’s also good to note that breast milk changes from day to night, so if you’re pumping like a champ – like Jess – note down the time you expressed the milk. It’s best to give your baby night time breast milk at night as it contains sleepy hormones that help your little one settle.

You’re so welcome. Keep up the brilliant boobie work, Jess!



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