New mum Jessica Simpson is sparking divided conversations about breastfeeding

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Jessica Simpson’s celebrating her breastfeeding efforts, but not everyone is happy about it.

A “perfect” baby girl

Jess and hubby Eric’s baby girl arrived on 19 March, a sister for the pair’s six-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew and five-year-old Ace Knute. The couple named their long-awaited almost 5 kilogram baby Birdie Mae Johnson, describing her as “perfect” in an Instagram announcement.

Birdie arrived via c-section and Jess admitted that the recovery has been pretty challenging. That said, she’s managed to establish breastfeeding like a total pro. 

Posting a photo of a baby bottle filled with 150ml of breast milk, Jess captioned the photo with “this is what success feels like” and a cow emoji. Honestly? We’re as proud as Jess is. 

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“Success is your baby being fed”

Because it’s the internet, not everyone was happy with Jess’s post. Some felt that she was implying breastfeeding might be the only measure of success for new mums.

“[Everyone] does what they need to do to feed their baby,” one follower posted. “Just remember it’s not failure if you don’t pump or breastfeed. It’s only failure if you don’t feed your baby anything at all.”

“I think success is your baby being fed no matter how you do it,” another wrote. “The measure of success is not how much you can breastfeed, or if you can at all, just love your babies. To all the mothers reading this and struggling with breastfeeding, don’t get discouraged! It doesn’t work out for everyone.”

Food truck!

But others figured Jess was just proud of her efforts and congratulated her on her tidy work.

“You’re a food truck,” one declared. #truth

“Omg this is amazing!!!” another Jess fan posted. “I’m currently breastfeeding my newborn and I only pump about 2.5-3 ounces at most. Do you have any tricks or do you just naturally produce a lot of milk?”

(The advice on that comment came thick and fast as women swept in to support that struggling mum.)

“You go girl! Impressive for so early on,” someone else commented. “I am 8 months in and I never pump that much.”

Yessss Jesss!

You go girl indeed. This bottle of breastmilk has not come easy. Jess’s pregnancy was plagued by swelling, indigestion, insomnia and chronic bronchitis which landed the expectant mum in hospital.

Now she’s on the other side of all that, but dealing with a painful c-section recovery.

Surely she can celebrate something going well without being critiqued for it. She’s suffered enough!

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My Super Bowl party l?k

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