“Vegemite sambo AGAIN” – What your child’s lunch box says about you

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Do you pride yourself on your lunch box skills or are you more of a ‘thank god that’s done for another day’ kinda lunch box packer? Or maybe you lie somewhere in between?

We’ve sussed out the eight different types of lunch box parents out there, and we’re sure you’ll slot into one. What’s more, we’ve asked our resident lunch box psychic what this says about you.  

Read on for the big reveal.

1. Bento box brilliance

I bow down to this type. Every day you manage to think up new and exciting ways to create a lunch box that is not only healthy, inventive (hello tuna bread sushi) but also pretty!  

What this lunch box says about you:

“Bento brilliance types feel energised by colours and take pride in creating a healthy, nourishing lunch for their child. They also believe that ‘variety is the spice of life'”. 

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Monday already! Today we have my Br-ushi creation (Bread sushi) with tuna, carrot and cucumber. We also have sliced pear 🍐 with blueberries, kiwis fruit 🥝, sultanas, mini tomatoes 🍅, carrots 🥕 and finally cucumbers 🥒. Enjoy… #inspiredbygeorge #dadinspo #healthyschoollunch #learnyourfruitandveg #brushi #stuckonyou #bento #bentoinspo #bentolunch #kidsbento #healthykids #schoollunchbox #schoollunch #eddievedderletsdolunch

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2. Vegemite sandwich on repeat

This one is me, sigh. I tire of the daily lunch box grind and end up giving my son pretty much the same thing most days – but alternating a muesli bar with a muffin, an apple with a banana, or for crunch and sip – blueberries for cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks for cucumbers, that kind of thing.  

What this lunch box says about you:

“Dear Vegemite sandwich on repeat type. You aren’t creative when it comes to food. It bores you, but that’s OK! Your switch and swap methodology is working. So long as the crunch and sip box comes home empty and that apple has at least a few bites taken out of it, you are winning. Be kind to yourself, especially when you see the below lunch box.”

Leon's lunch


3. Homemade with a pinch of domestic goddess

Oh, my. This lunch box never contains any packaged snacks because everything is MADE FROM SCRATCH and frankly, good for you, whole food type. Your kid’s lunch box is delicious, nutritious and although it might make the rest of us feel a little inept, it’s worthy of aspiring to.

What this lunch box says about you:

“You are an earth mum or dad. You value your health and you also like to show your love for others through food. The more nourishing and wholesome, the better. You are an evangelist when it comes to healthy eating and you want others to follow your path.”  

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Hate to burst your school holiday bubble, but has anyone started stocking up the freezer to get ready for the lunchbox drill which is rollin’ around next week 😩 I’m personally starting the meal prep now, to take the pressure off those first few weeks when we’re all just trying to settle back into the school term and routine 🎒 Most of the recipes in my new Easy Wholefood Lunchboxes recipe ebook can be made ahead of time and frozen, like the scrumptious recipe for Ricotta Lunchtime Tartlets pictured 😋 I’ll be using my new ebook to make all of my freezer food because it’s full of my children’s faves, so they’re all kid-tested and kid-approved 👍 Grab your copy via the clickable link in my profile . . . . . #lunchbox #lunchboxideas #lunchboxideasforkids #lunchboxlove #kidslunchbox #lunchboxinspiration #baking #backtoschool #wholefoods #foodforthesoul #inspiration #realfood #instafood #instayum #eattherainbow #vegetarian #healthyfood #healthyeating #realfood #realfoodfamily #instafood #feedfeed #foodblogger #healthychoices #organic #foodie #delicious #health #yummy #schoollunch

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I do love getting out of routine in the school holidays, but let's face it, routine is something mums thrive on to keep things in order and get things done ‼️ I know that slackening off during the break means facing a new term of lunchboxes might render you like a deer in headlights 😳 But don't worry, I've got you covered with this round up of 10 Savoury Lunchbox Ideas 🙌 You can find the recipes via the clickable link in my bio (make sure you look out for my No 1 lunchbox tip 👍) . . . . . #lunchbox #lunchboxideas#lunchboxideasforkids #lunchboxlove#kidslunchbox #lunchboxinspiration#baking #sausagerolls #wholefoods#foodforthesoul #inspiration #realfood#instafood #instayum #eattherainbow#vegetarian #healthyfood #healthyeating#realfood #realfoodfamily #instafood#feedfeed #foodblogger #healthychoices#organic #foodie #delicious #health#yummy #schoollunch

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4. Little effort, but still impressive 

This lunch box type is a step above the Vegemite sandwich on repeat parent but not quite up there with the 100 percent whole food type. While SOME of your child’s lunch box contains food you’ve made (last night’s vegetable slice for instance), it is a mixture of lazy ‘that’ll do’ packing and thoughtfulness.

What this lunch box says about you:

“You are a practical person, wanting to use up what’s in the fridge (leftovers), while also being conscious of time. You listen to everything with a healthy dose of ‘that might be true’ such as ‘kids eat too much processed food’ but at the end of the day, you do what feels right for you. You get the balance right, so on the weekend, you might make homemade muesli slice but not all the time. On other days Uncle Tobys will suffice.” 

5. Lunch order most days

“Sh!t, it’s 8.15 am and I still need to pack two times three bloody containers of food, find a clean uniform, get dressed for work and drive them to school, oh, stuff it, they can just eat from the canteen.”

Hey lunch-order-most-days parent. You are a good mum (or dad)! You are juggling so much and your kids are lucky to have you. Thankfully most school canteens are healthy these days, so your kids are eating well, even if it comes out of a bag instead of a box.

What this lunch box says about you:

“You are the grand juggler. You are highly capable because while you may not think it, you are actually DOING IT ALL. You may feel frazzled and overwhelmed some days, but you always manage to pull a rabbit out of your hat – at home or at work – or find an alternative solution to a problem – AKA ordering a lunch order when you’ve run out of bread.”

Lunch paper bag

6. Lunch box love parent

Awww, you are so cute! You miss your little one when at school and so their lunch box is a way to remind him you are thinking of him. You like to slip in little notes to brighten his day (“Love you”). The lunch box is all about communication for you. 

What this lunch box says about you:

“You are a ray of sunshine and you like to show, and also spray love. The world is a happier place because of people like you.”

7. Make lunches fun mum (or dad)

Food is your medium and the lunch box is your canvas. You like creating cars out of sandwiches, making caterpillar fruit skewers and cheese and cracker ‘people’ with sultanas for eyes and honey for glue.

What this lunch box says about you:

“You are super creative. You don’t take life too seriously and you enjoy making it more fun – especially for your kids. You are a sunflower in that you make everyone smile.” 

Car sandwich

8. Lunch box conveyor belt parent

Hats off to you. I only have one lunch box to pack, but I’m guessing you have several. You are a master shopper because you always have lunch box ‘supplies’ in the pantry and have developed streamlining techniques to get the job done fast.

What this lunch box says about you:

“You are over the damn lunch box grind!”

Now, whichever lunch box parent you are, at the end of the school day when you’re looking for missing lids and drink bottles, remember this: your child has been fed. It doesn’t matter how you chose to do it.


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