Ashley Graham pumps milk in an Uber because … why not?!

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Model Ashley Graham is one of our favourite body positivity campaigners, and now that she’s a mum she’s championing real-life glimpses of newborn life as well. Hurrah!

Pump up the jam

In case you’re just catching up, you should know that Ashley gave birth to her little boy in mid-January. Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin is the first child for the model mum and her husband  of nine years, Justin Ervin.

Since wee Isaac’s arrive she’s shared some brilliant new mum updates on Instagram and a video and story posted yesterday are no exception.

Ash shared footage of herself pumping milk in the back of an Uber, mirroring the experience of many other mothers and admitting the experience was … a little awkward.

“Used to answer emails on my Uber rides, now I pump before my breasts explode,” she captioned the clip.

Ashley’s followers and fans (for the most part) loved catching a glimpse of this real life mum moment.

“Movie remake opp: Riding in cars with breast pumps,” one posted.

“Never be ashamed of doing what nature intended. You are an inspiration,” another fan commented.

“Hahahaha been here a time or twelve,” someone else wrote alongside Ashley’s clip.

Go electric!

But others were keen to offer this new mum advice, noting that all that hand action was totally unnecessary.

“You need the hands free pump! It’s magic!” came one response.

“The Elvie pump is a game changer!” another buddy concurred.

“Ashley why don’t you have an electric pump? So much easier,” someone else commented.

Maybe she does have electric pumps? How are we to know?

As we mentioned, this is not the first candid glimpse of mum life Ashley’s shared. She’s also posted about her coffee date with young Isaac …

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And shared this widely admired image of her recovering postpartum body. #LoveIt.

It’s fair to say that when Ashley posts an update on Instagram, lots of other parents feel a little less alone as they navigate the shifts and struggles that parenting can bring.

Frankly, we love her unifying and frank approach to mum life and can’t wait to see more of it.

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same me. few new stories.

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