Surprise! 7 funny pregnancy announcement t-shirts to delight your family with

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If you haven’t announced your pregnancy to everyone in your social circle yet, perhaps you might like to allow a t-shirt to do it for you?! 

Waltz into a family gathering or girls’ lunch with your shirt doing the talking?!

Or let your shirt explain when you’re too hormonal or exhausted to fill in the details after the 27th “are you expecting” query? Sounds like an excellent idea to us.

These pregnancy t-shirts not only reveal there’s a baby on the way, they do it in cute, irreverent and surprising ways. This could be the most rewarding $25-ish you ever spent!

The cutest pregnancy reveal t-shirts

1. Pregasaurus t-shirt

Pregnancy announcement t-shirts

Get your bump on and announce your big news with this pregasaurus t-shirt from Plum USA. This shirt retails for $30 and comes in a range of different colours.

2. Fine print t-shirt

Why not be sure your loved ones are paying attention and bust out your bump in this ‘read the fine print’ pregnancy t-shirt. This shirt is $29 at Mold Print Shirts.

3. Ice, ice …

This cute Vanilla Ice-inspired pregnancy t-shirt is by My Creative Gift Store and comes in a selection of different colours. It sells for $35.

4. Pregnant AF t-shirt

How abut a pregnant AF t-shirt? It comes in a range of colours and you can snaffle one from Plum USA. This shirt retails for $30.

5. Not a food baby!

This t-shirt sets the record straight pretty clearly?! It’s by N5Creations and sells for $23.

6. Keep it simple

Why not cut to the chase with a simple chesty announcement that pretty much says it all?! This shirt is by Tilly and Wilbur and retails for a very reasonable $19.

7. Stop asking

Perhaps this is the perfect shirt for you to wear to your next family get-together? It’s $24 and you can grab it from N5Creations.

Which bump-announcing shirt will you choose for yourself — or the mum-to-be in your life?!


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