12 things people will say to you while breastfeeding (which you should ignore)

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There’s something about breastfeeding that somehow encourages insensitive people to spout unsolicited advice. Who knows why they do this?


Perhaps it’s the sight of a mother doing what comes naturally. Perhaps it’s the watching a sweet baby tucking into a meal. Honestly, it’s hard to know.

What we do know is that breastfeeding mums will very, very often be on the receiving end of comments or advice that there is simply no place for. Not only that, these comments are often false, ignorant, passive-aggressive, misleading and/or downright rude.

Let us take you through a few so that, if you are new to breastfeeding, you know what you should ignore.

1. Could you cover up?

For some folk, the perfectly lovely sight of a baby feeding is extremely upsetting. These are often the sort of folk who think boobs are the domain of lasses in bikinis or the bedroom. They have forgotten why boobs were invented, so feel free to ignore. Or even throw a blanket over them while they try and drink their coffee? That could work if you and your baby are fast runners.

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