“Mummy, how will the baby come out?” Cute birthing dolls for siblings-to-be

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If you have a little sibling in the making, you might find they are confused about how the ‘baby in mummy’s tummy’ will come out!

Well, thankfully, a crafty doula is here to help answer the question.

There’s a doll for that

Milia Simielli is a nurse, birth educator and doula. She is also the creative genius behind these beautiful handmade birthing dolls which are available to buy from her ETSY shop, Milia Simielli
Educational dolls and Sustainable items made with love.

Lovingly designed to explain the delivery process in a way that kids love – through pretend play – the dolls are the best present for a brother or sister to be.

Birthing doll - ETSY image

With a vaginal slot to either slip the baby into mummy’s tummy or pull it out to deliver, each doll teaches kids exactly how babies comes out.

The dolls also have full breasts for breastfeeding (if mama chooses to do so!) and come with a cute carrier and dress.

Oh, and you can select to either have the placenta attached to the baby for a lotus birth, or just the baby on its own.

Birthing dolls - ETSY image

Different ways to birth

Milia also crafts VBAC dolls to teach kids about this mode of delivery.

These brilliant dolls include a zipper in their tummy, representing the c-section scar from a previous birth, as well as a vaginal opening that allows bub to be birthed that way too.

“During playtime, your children will be able to help the mama doll give birth vaginally or by caesarean, help with breastfeeding, and carefully investigate the placenta and umbilical cord,” she says in her description of the VBAC doll, ‘Jasmine‘ below.

Birthing dolls - ETSY image

Pocket birthing dolls

Most of the larger dolls pictured above cost between $130 to $296. The price reflects the handmade nature of the dolls and the time taken to craft each one.

However, Milia also has a collection of very cute mini dolls which also serve to teach little ones about how babies come into the world.

These sweet little dolls cost $60 and there are seven to choose from, so you can pick the one that best resembles your child’s real life pregnant mum.

The pocket doll pictured below is called ‘Melissa‘.

Birthing dolls -ETSY image

Birthing dolls - ETSY image

Birthing dolls - ETSY image

ALL the questioned answered

Then, if your child is really inquisitive and likes to know everything there is to know about birth, Milia has a Childbirth education model set. This is likely for those practising in the field of nursing, midwifery or as Milia puts it, “anyone in need of a womb!”

It includes a uterus, placenta, umbilical cord (that can be cut or left in tact for a lotus birth), pelvis, a boob (choose between light, olive or dark skin to match the baby) and a nappy.

The set is a special custom order and costs $326.

Birthing dolls - ETSY image


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