Breastfeeding mums are finding this natty massaging tool super helpful

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Blocked ducts, slow flow and mastitis can all be par for the course for breastfeeding mums, but there’s a tool that can help avoid all that – and improve the feeding experience for mums and babies in lots of other ways.

The right kind of letdown

The LaVie Lactation Massager stimulates and softens milk ducts helping to increase output, encourage a faster letdown reflex, soften up the breast to help baby latch more easily and empty the breast optimally.  

It can help to relieve the pain of engorged breasts or blocked ducts and keeps milk moving through the breast which can ward off some of the complications associated with breastfeeding.

Its shape makes it easy to use, its made from medical grade silicone AND it has a number of different modes which can be used according to a woman’s feeding circumstance.

One side is wide to help stimulate and soften the breast and spark letdown. The narrow tip is designed to help ease blockages from milk ducts, which can cause mastitis, and the scooped edge helps to encourage milk flow and minimise engorged breasts.

This lactation massager makes breast care and breastfeeding much easier … which makes mums and babies much happier. Hooray!

The device is rechargeable via USB and comes in a handy carry case. It’s also waterproof because, let’s face it, spills are inevitable! Desirable, even.

LaVie Breast Massager

“Great little machine”

What do mums think of this clever little tool?  They’re very much into it and basically consider it a bit of a lifesaver:

“Used it for the first time while I pumped a bit of milk out, after a few minutes I saw more milk flowing into the bottle! Really lifted my spirits, great little machine. Has different settings, small & gentle.”

“I’ve been getting recurrent clogged ducts and massaging them out by hand was quite hard. The massager is very easy to use and I use it in the shower as well.”

“I had mastitis This was amazing and helped!!”

This portable gem retails for $59.95 and you can snap one up here.

LaVie Breast Massager


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