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After the first few weeks of getting to know your baby and before returning to work, many parents will have some time at home with their new little one. Once you get into a bit of a feeding and sleeping routine you may want to get out of the house during those awake hours. The good news is that there are mummy ‘n me programs across Australia designed for babies as young as six weeks. Expose your baby to the world around them, create a routine, get out of the house and meet other mums with babies.

Mummy n me yoga1

First on the list is Mum ‘n Bub Yoga. Most yoga centres offer pregnancy yoga and many are now also running mummy yoga programs where your infant can take part. These programs focus on strengthening and conditioning as well as bonding with your baby. The one hour programs have a more social and playful element to them and are great for all new parents/lovers of yoga.

Check out The Life Pod or Yoganic in Sydney, Moksha Yoga in Melbourne and Yoga Baby in Brisbane.

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Another great idea to get out of the house with your new bub is to join a music class. Babies as young as six weeks will enjoy the stimulation that a music program can offer.  Most of these classes run from 30 minutes to an hour and will usually work on the school term schedule. You will explore basic nursery rhymes and songs and use a number of different musical instruments.

Some of the programs that may be available in your area include Kinder Musik, Bopping Babies and Mini Maestros.

The library is another lovely place to relax with your new bub and most libraries across Australia run a program designed to introduce babies to the world of books and song. Check the name of the program in your area as it will vary slightly but, essentially, each program involves a half hour of nursery rhymes, songs and gentle bouncing/dance movements for babies and, even better, is usually free.

Check out your local library to see when the program runs and how often.

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A great activity for fit mums is Kangatraining, the perfect workout for baby wearers that boasts a complete cardiovascular, endurance and flexibility workout in one, all the while wearing your baby in a wrap, sling or carrier of your choice. Many of the classes will also provide you with a carrier to use if you don’t have one. There are a wide range of kanga spinoff workouts across Australia including Nordickanga for the avid hikers/walkers and Kanga on Wheels, for those who prefer a pram workout.

GymbaROO is another popular program for little ones that focuses on both physical and mental development based on your child’s age. Classes start from as young as six weeks and the programs will vary depending on the age group. However, all will feature ‘mat time’ as well as physical play which will include music, rhymes, books, dancing and interaction with other bubs.

Feel like relaxing in an air conditioned theatre and taking in a morning movie? Then check out the Bring Your Baby movie sessions. Don’t let a newborn stop you! Sometimes known as “Babes in Arms,” Event Cinemas feature weekly movie screenings that are especially customised for mums with wee children. The lights are dimmed rather than off completely and the movie is played quieter. Furthermore, you can relax among other parents knowing that if your little one demands a feed or screams for half the movie, you are not going to get popcorn thrown at your head. Bring a pram, carrier, sling, or simply sit with bub in your lap.

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Our final mummy ‘n me activity is swimming lessons. Babies as young as four months can take part in weekly swimming lessons and this is an excellent way to connect with your baby and to help familiarise them with water. Your six-month-old won’t learn the backstroke at this age; the lessons focus on introducing them to water play and water safety. It is also a great way to cool down and meet other parents. Most classes are small with 2-4 babies per class and usually run for a half an hour.

Find your nearest registered swim school through Kids Alive or Austswim.

These are only a few of the countless mummy ‘n me programs designed for bubs under the age of one. Give one or two a try and see what fits. And be sure to keep an eye open for our next round of mummy ‘n me activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers.


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