Back to school perils that parents know all too well

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It’s that time of year again mums and dads – many of us have already started ironing the school clothes, sorting through the list of school supplies and preparing the kids for another year of early morning starts.

You know what’s coming – and, if you can’t remember or you’re new to all of this, here is our tongue-in-cheek reminder.

The return to school is bittersweet for most of us, as it’s always amazing to have time off with the kids at home (and not have to make school lunches), but it’s also good to get back into a routine.

So, whether this is your first time doing the school or daycare routine, or whether you’re an old pro now, we thought we would share the back to school rituals we have all come to know.

The missing shoe conundrum

You’ve endured the back to school shoe shopping expedition, with kids in tow – and let’s be honest, it took years off your life. So how it is physically possible that two weeks later, your son only has one school shoe? How does a child lose ONE shoe?

The back to school check-list of horror

Children need so much stuff! I go to work for eight hours every day and only take one bag – that’s it. But, no, they need a backpack, sports bag, library bag, art smock, homework folder, hat, change of clothing, extra socks, lunch bag or esky, drink bottle, umbrella, coin purse for tuck shop, pencil case, school kits, calculator and 75 different exercise books. And that’s just the younger kids. I’ve been told the list gets longer every year.

The contact paper catastrophe

I’m sorry, but clear contact paper and I are not friends. We have never been friends. Last year, I ended up paying my neighbour to do the job for me while I sat back and drank wine.

If someone knows the secret to covering the above mentioned 75 exercise books in contact without a single crease and without spending all night doing so, then please, share the secret with me. Or else I am calling in my neighbour again.

The tragic and true story of the $50 hat

Purchased only last week, and lost within a week. No hat, no play, people! It really is about sun protection (really) – it’s not just a money spinning conspiracy by uniform shops, using the most easily lost item of school clothing…

The lost and found walk of shame

One week in and you have already run out of containers. It’s time to head to the lost and found bin and search for your child’s missing items. As you hunt for missing lids, we guarantee you will also come across at least three pairs of underwear, a water bottle lid and seven hair elastics.

But, parents, there is a solution to almost all of the above problems (except for the contact paper, which I don’t even want to talk about anymore). And it’s simple – labels.

back to school 4

Stuck on You is a premium Aussie brand when it comes to labels. Why? Because they actually stick. The high quality personalised iron on labels and stickers allow you to label all sorts of things, from lunch boxes to shoes, and from uniforms to calculators.

They won’t come off in the wash and you don’t have to waste money throughout the year repurchasing those items that have ended up in the Bermuda Triangle of school supplies.

Stuck on You also has a range of personalised backpacks, family activity planners, clothing, hats and more so you don’t have to worry about items going home in the wrong bag.

My son started school last year and I have to admit that he had an absolute blast sticking his labels on all of his items. It got him excited about the prospect of school (which he was quite hesitant about) and also helped him learn to recognise his name.

So, get stuck into the school spirit. And don’t forget to pick up 17 extra rolls of contact paper. Because those exercise books aren’t going to cover themselves….

(This is a sponsored post for Stuck on You)


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