This mum’s brilliant and easy hack makes nappy changing a breeze

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This clever strategy is so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself!

No more wandering poop

Blogger Amy – who writes at Mama, Eden and Me – posted this nifty hack quite a while ago, but it’s just resurfaced because honestly, it makes a heck of a lot of sense.

Amy suggests whipping the crotch snaps of your baby or toddler’s onesie up over their shoulder – and securing the snaps to keep everything in place. She also posted photos of her baby girl working this clever look, onesie hitched and buttoned across her right shoulder.  (See below)

Sharing her tip on Facebook, she explained this easy adjustment prevents poop from migrating elsewhere and keeps clothing layers much cleaner and dry.

“Life hack! Brought to you by Amy!” she captioned her post. “For stand up bum changes, fasten the vest/onesie thingy at the shoulder. Keeps all of the clothes out of the way of the stinky butt! #genius’.”

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Shoulder snap attack

Indeed it is genius and also excellently tidy – and excited parents told Amy so.

“OMG! My son is 3 so unless I have another I’ll never use this but it’s amazing!” one mum posted.

“Two kids and I never thought of this,” another gasped. (And honestly? Same-freaking-same!)

But other commenters admitted they were seasoned shoulder-snappers and had been doing this all along. Who knew?!

“I do this!! And with my toddler’s t-shirts, I pull it up over his head in the back and he thinks it’s hilarious, so it keeps him occupied!” an equally clever mum posted.

“That’s what I always do! So much easier!” another parent confirmed.

Obviously, there are a lot of genius parents out there. Parents who are coming up with nifty hacks instead of staggering through their kids’ early days, avoiding the overflowing laundry basket and trying to stay awake past 5pm. #overachievers #justkidding


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