Fun newborn images cleverly created without Photoshop

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Can you believe these gorgeous images were created completely Photoshop-free? Capturing a whimsical moment in those crazy newborn days, these photos are all about fun. Can you work out how they were created?

It won’t surprise you to learn these images were created by photographers. Polish couple Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer are also bloggers, and decided to get their creative juices flowing when their daughter Emilia was born.


They told The Huffington Post, “The main idea behind this photo shoot was our daughter’s safety, we didn’t want to use any extraordinary props.”


So what did they do? It’s actually pretty simple when you know the trick. They lay Emilia on a mattress next to her dad, and added small props. Waluda took the images from above, and hey presto, it looks like Emilia is mid jump.


What we really love is that the family has described the shoot as “quality family time”. And they wanted to inspire others to try this simple technique. Do you think your newborn would be up for a whimsical photo shoot?


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