Priceless Mother’s Day cards that sum up how kids feel about their mums

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Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you are enjoying your day of rest and lapping up the kisses and cuddles from the kids. And we are betting you received a beautiful handmade card this morning, complete with scribbles from the little ones. But does your handmade card capture the essence of being a mum quite like these hilariously honest ones do? Have a look and see.

Mums truly are the best… and here’s why:

Because you fill me with Almond Joy

And you are even better than 100 Grand.

mothers day card11

Because you are better than cow.

Not ‘a cow.’ Just ‘cow’.

mothers day card13

Because you are #1, even if you are old.

And married.

 Mothers day card5
Because you are not a piece of poo.

Even when you make me go to my room.

mothers day card15

Because you appreciate our honesty.

Even if you don’t understand the importance of always having bacon on hand.
mothers day card6

Because you are wonderful, caring and a great cook. 

Just no more meatloaf, please.


Because you are so forgiving.

Plus, you appreciate the importance of a ‘wish list’. What mum wouldn’t want cars, a tiger, a treadmill and a new baby? Happy Mother’s Day is right!

mothers day card7

Because you are possibly an unidentified flying object.

And, because you trust my judgement.

mothers day card8

Because you provide me with basic survival essentials. 

Thanks for keeping me alive.

Mothers' Day Card1

Because you bring out my best (non-violent) side.

I won’t punch you in the face.

mothers day card16

Because your uterus chose me.

Out of 1000 different sperm…

mothers day card9

These Mothers’ Day cards prove kids really do tell it how it is. And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Have you received an amusing card from your children this morning? Care to share?


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