15 things all mums want to do this Mother’s Day (and none of them cost a cent)

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A relaxing weekend away sounds amazing. A day at the spa sounds divine. But what I really want to do this Mother’s Day is much more affordable than either of these suggestions. And most likely just as unrealistic.

Attention all mums out there – Mother’s Day is fast approaching! That means you are running out of time to drop as many hints as possible about what you really want to do this Mother’s Day. Yes, I know, spending the day getting cuddles from your kids is the only gift you really need, but these things won’t hurt either.

This Mother’s Day I want to …

Mothers Day Jenna2

1. Sleep past 7am

Perhaps we could just move the usual morning routine of hugs, kisses and jumping on mummy’s head forward an hour or two?

2. Read an entire chapter of my book

And drink an entire warm beverage before it gets cold.

3. Look down at my list of things ‘to-do’ and see absolutely nothing

But this doesn’t mean that everything on the list gets pushed forward to tomorrow when my day ends. It means that the chores still get done. But I am not the one doing them.

4. Watch my husband do the chores

I would love nothing more than to look over my shoulder as I read my book and drink my cuppa to see my husband mopping the floors and putting the washing out with the kids helping. Seriously… if you could wrap this up and give it to me, I would be the happiest mum ever. Or, alternatively, if you could get this guy to come over and do the chores, I wouldn’t complain.

Mothers Day Jenna3

5. Go on an outing that doesn’t involve running errands

Going grocery shopping is not an outing. I want to go somewhere, like the beach where we can frolic by the sea and perhaps take a few nice family photos and make a few nice family memories.

6. Yes, I want to frolic

And I want my dog to come too. And frolic with me.

7. Sit and watch

I want to sit. I don’t want to chase. I don’t want to yell. I don’t want to break up arguments. I want to sit for twenty minutes to just look at my family. And appreciate them, without having to play referee.

8. Not wash a single dish

I don’t care if this means we have to use paper plates all day. Make today a dish-free day.

9. Remain sticky-less all day

This means no chocolate biscuit finger prints on my clothes, on my legs, on my shoulders or anywhere near my body at all.

10. Go the whole day without this phrase, “Mum, I’m hungry.”

This is my most-despised phrase in the world. The kids can still get hungry but please, can we use different wording for just today? “Mum, I’m feeling famished”. “Mum, I’ve got the munchies”. “Mum, my stomach is making the rumblies”.

11. Cuddle

I want cuddles all day – from my kids and from my husband. And even from the dog. But preferably before she frolics in the dirty sea water.

12. Wear a dress and perhaps even high heels

We don’t even have to go anywhere. But I want to dress up for at least one hour of the day.

13. Exercise

No, just kidding. I meant to write, drink wine.

14. Drink wine (but fancily)

Yes, I do this every day, but just for today I want to use our special, non-plastic wine glass collection that never ever gets used because kids break glass. And, if the kids do happen to break my glass, I want to watch someone else clean it up (and also I would like a refill).

15. Sleep through the night, uninterrupted.

No, I don’t expect the kids to sleep through the night too – this is asking way too much. But I do expect that when (not if, but when) the kids wake up thirsty/hungry/scared/cold/hot that I don’t get a nudge from my husband to get up. Instead, I get to do the nudging.

Mothers Day Jenna4

What about you? This Mother’s Day what do you want (or not want) to do?


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