6 mum gifts we really, REALLY want that you won’t find in any gift guide

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Mother’s Day is coming up and yes, there are plenty of helpful gift guides around that help your loved ones select the perfect pjs / chocolates/ movie/ books for the occasion. But truth be told, there are lots of gifts that mums everywhere REALLY want – but you’ll never find them in a handy gift guide.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

1. A Nutella spoon for her ONLY

This spoon can be personally engraved with your name and it’s for YOU only. Meaning you can go to town on that jar of Nutella because the spoon says so.

And no, the kids can’t borrow it. Soz! Although you can get their own spoon personalised too, but that kinda defeats the purpose we feel.

Get it from LeBreux.

Nutella spoon


2. Leave-mum-alone candle

Scented candles are supposed to bring peace and serenity – but all mums know a kid-free moment, or ten, will do that too.

Give her the gift of time-out by instructing the family that when “mum’s candle is burning, it means to leave her the eff alone for a bit”. OKAY?!

Good. Ah, the serenity.

Get it from Custom Soy Candles Shop.

Leave mum alone candle

3. A scrunchie for the mum-bun

Every mum is rocking a mum-bun, and every mum would like to pretty hers up!

Because er, who knows when we will ever get to the hairdresser again and wear our luscious (LOL) locks out …

These pretty scrunchies come in lots of different fabrics and sizes, if a little someone wants to be a mini me.

Get it from Fleur and Poppy.

Mum bun scrunchie

4. ‘Dude, too close’ bumper sticker

How many times do you walk back to your car and discover someone has parked you in? Maybe not completely parked you in, but just so close that you can’t get the pram or kids into your van without accidentally dinging their car.

Well, there’s a bumper sticker for that, Mamas!

Get it from Boss Babes Design Co.

Car sticker

5. Mums run the world tee

In case you ever need a reminder that you are truly awesome, this t-shirt says it all.

It will remind you every time you pluck it from the clean washing pile (because it’s never folded neatly and put away, right?!), that you can and DO do almost everything for everyone.

Oh and that you’re a total badass. As if you need to be told …

Get it from Dot Tees Australia.

Mum's rule tee - ETSY

6. Pigeon mug

After another rough night of interrupted sleep, nothing will bring a smile to your face faster than a little mug-y humour.

Sure, your family could get you the mug that says ‘World’s Best Mum’ but at 6am you just need to feel understood.

Get it from Blue Sparrow Designs Co.

Mum mug - ETSY



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