Critics say Khloé Kardashian’s nails indicate questionable parenting

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Nail length is directly correlated to the quality of parenting a woman exhibits, according to some social media critics. Who. Even. Knew?!

“You can’t possibly take care of a baby”

This mum nail drama all started with an image (below) shared on Khloé’s Instagram account.

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? KK ?

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Tongues began wagging and snarky fingers began typing as the parenting police fired up for a new year. They focused in on Koko’s nails deciding they exposed her as some kind of mummy fraud, unable to care for her nine-month-old daughter, True. 

“True is gonna end up calling the nanny ‘mommy’ instead of Khloé,” one commenter fired off, implying that it was the Kardashian staff that did all the heavy lifting.

“How do you bath your baby with those nails?” someone else demanded.

“You can’t possibly take care of a baby with those nails,” another critic declared.

“How do you not get poo poo under those dagger nails?” one follower wrote and this one we get. Because it’s gotta happen right?!

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Groundhog Day

Similar comments were posted on the photo below and it seems that – according to some people – the longer Khloé’s nails get, the more her parenting skills erode.

It’s no surprise that people are keen to question how the heck Khloé can mum efficiently with those talons. They had already warmed up by asking her sister Kylie Jenner the very same thing when she sported similarly long nails shortly after her daughter Stormi was born.

“How does Kylie wipe Stormi’s ass with those longass nails, I’m shook,” one person wondered. 

“Of course she doesn’t. She no doubt has a team that looks after the baby while she just uses her as an accessory,” someone else responded.


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my angel baby is 1 month old today

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Long nail fail?

There’s obviously more at play here for the critics than questioning nail length because why can’t we all be rich and have a supportive and helpful crew around us, dammit?!

That said, it’s good to note that many mums ARE completely able to change their babies with long nails, so Kylie and Khloé may well be wiping with the best of us!

“I’ve had had long acrylics for 12+ years and two babies!” one mum posted on Facebook when asked about how nappy changes and claws work together. “Never been a problem. Acrylic is very soft and smooth compared to your own nails!”

Some mums noted that they had long nails naturally and they didn’t get in the way, while others said they wore latex gloves to keep things super tidy at change time.

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☾ Moon of my life ☾

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True love

And really, would delegating the changing of your baby’s nappy really make you a bad parent? We think not. Surely good parenting comes down to more than wiping little bottoms?

Even if Khloé does offload elements of her baby’s care to her staff, it’s very clear that she dotes on this child and showers her with love.

Surely that’s what good parenting is all about.


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?The Botanical Garden ?

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