Kids will love these brilliant stacked ‘tiffin’ style lunch boxes

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What’s nicer than sending your child off to school with a regular old bog standard lunch box? Sending them off with a fancy Vaya Tyffyn Kyds stacked lunch box full of home-made treats, that’s what!

Vaya Life Tyffyn lunch box


Gorgeous and environmentally friendly

The clever folk behind these lovely lunch boxes hope they can help families have much nicer lunches on the go.

“We are thrilled to bring our environmentally-friendly lunchboxes and drink-ware to Australia,” Vashist Vasanthakumar, CEO of Vaya Life says.

“The unmatched style and unparalleled utility of the tyffyn and drynk range offers a new luxury when it comes to home-packed meals for both adults and children.”

Vaya Life Tyffyn lunch box

Vaya Life Tyffyn lunch box

Why do we love these?

Vaya Life’s Tyffyn Kyds lunch boxes keep food hot or cold for up to six hours thanks to snazzy thermal insulation.

They come in a whole bunch of cute themed designs with one to suit every little personality – think dinosaurs, kitty cats, bunnies and unicorns.

They’re engineered to be leak-proof, super durable, and their premium quality means they’ll last year in and year out (or through multiple kids).

Apart from their cute characters and genius good looks Vaya Tyffyn also feature:

  • A collapsible handle to keep things compact
  • Durable, premium stainless steel parts
  • Partitioned containers to mix things up
  • Inner containers in various convenient sizes – in copper or polished steel
  • A separately sold mealtime mat that transforms into an easy-to-tote shoulder bag

Head to Vaya Life to find out more – or snap one up for your kiddo. They retail from $68 upwards.

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