15 unexpected perks of having a baby

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Feeling a little worn out, stressed and frustrated with your little one? We get it. And we have the perfect list to make you feel better. Here are some of the countless reasons why having a baby is simply the best … even when you’re too exhausted to know what day it is.

All parents will know the best things about having a baby – the kisses, the smiles, the giggles to name a few – but there are so many more perks to raising a little one that many parents fail to mention. Until now..

1. You have a reason to act like a child again

Caught out dancing around the kitchen in your underwear? It’s all good. You’re just entertaining the baby.

2. You can sing sappy love songs any time you want

Again, it’s for the baby. The baby loves your voice, even if no one else in the world shares his opinion.

3. You have the perfect excuse to get out of gatherings you really don’t want to attend

“We would love to come, but we’re sleep training the baby.”

4. You have another closet to fill with ridiculously cute outfits and accessories

Buy all the baby shoes!

Mother with mum bun with baby over shoulder

5. You are forced to slow down

Nothing is more soothing than rocking your baby back and forth, back and forth and letting your mind wander, even if it’s at 3am.

6. You appreciate your body (and yourself) so much more

You grew, carried and delivered a baby. And if you choose to breastfeed, you are making food for that baby with your own body! If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is.

7. You learn to enjoy the little things

Like a working washing machine after number threes. And a cup of tea that stays warm until the final drop. And a shower…

8. You can use the pram parking spots at the carpark

And not have to hike three kilometres anytime you go to the shops.

9. Strangers smile at you

Well, they smile at your baby. And sometimes they look up at you too.

Mum and baby

10. You always have someone to cuddle when you’re feeling down

And baby cuddles are the most comforting of all the types of cuddles out there (sorry husbands, you lose).

11. You can dress your baby up like an animal without judgement

When you put your child in a giraffe onesie and hit the streets, it’s cute. But when you wear one yourself … well. It just doesn’t have the same effect.

12. You can get away without vacuuming

Those machines are noisy after all. They’ll wake the baby. This also goes for the washing machine. And the dishwasher. And the lawn mower. And the dryer. The oven sometimes makes noises too…

13. You have an excuse for being tired, dressing like a slob and forgetting to put on a bra

Baby brain, okay.

14. You just feel complete

It’s hard to explain … but it’s a feeling most parents know well.

Having your little one attached to you starts to feel right. In fact, you may find that when you are not cradling your baby, bouncing bub in the supermarket aisle or wearing him in a sling, that you feel like you are missing a part of you.

15. You have tangible proof that you are doing something right in your life

Even on those bad days when nothing is going as planned, all you need to do is look at your little one and you will know you’ve managed to get one thing right – after all, you’ve created something so special and so perfect.

And this unconditional love, pure joy and sense of fulfilment is worth every stretch mark that graces your body, every sleepless night that jeopardises your sanity and every dirty outfit that piles up in your laundry.


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