10 time saving secrets all new mums need to know

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Time flies by when you have a new baby. It’s wonderful caring for them, but it’s also very time consuming and often you wonder where the day went and how you’ll ever get anything else done. It would be great to be able to focus on your baby and nothing else for days on end, but for most of us, that’s not real life.

How can you make the most of your time so that necessary jobs still get done without taking away from your baby? It’s all about planning, preparation and using the right products! Here are 10 tips from real mums who have been there and done it.

Keep the things you need regularly in one consistent place

If you don’t already do this, invest in a basket near the front door and use it to store things like your sunnies, your keys, your wallet, your phone charger, the baby’s dummy and the other things you (or your little ones) use all the time. That way you won’t spend so many precious minutes looking for your keys (that may or not be hidden in the refrigerator).

Keep your car stocked

Have an emergency plastic bin in the back of your car with extra nappies, a towel, wet wipes, a blanket and a few toys, just in case. You just never know.

Allocate 30 minutes a day to be productive

My productive time is always in the morning when I am fuelled up on coffee. Thirty minutes isn’t too overwhelming, and you can still get a lot done. The key is to work out what jobs are your priorities. It might be as basic as having a shower, throwing on load of washing, working out what to have for dinner. You can be ambitious as you like, or do the bare minimum – it’s totally up to you.

Restock and go

Your nappy bag becomes a part of you when it comes to caring for a new baby. Keep it stocked with all the items you need (wet wipes, socks, nappies, a sun hat, dummies, sunscreen) and when you use something (clothing, bibs, nappies), restock it as soon as you get home.

That way, when you are in a rush, you can simply grab the nappy bag and the baby and be on your way.

Cook and freeze for later

Even if you’ve always loved cooking, it can be tricky with kids. The secret is all in the preparation. If you can, allocate some time when you have added hands on deck to bulk cook and freeze so you have easy dinners available when you need them.

We love BÉABA’s Babycook, an invention which revolutionises food preparation for the entire family. You can literally steam, cook, blend, defrost and reheat using the device and it is perfect for parents who want to ensure they are feeding their little ones healthy meals made from the freshest ingredients. You can get it from BubbaLove in a solo model for $250 or a duo model for $340.

Play (and fold)

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Here’s a secret – your baby doesn’t mind whether you are shaking a rattle or folding the laundry. If you’re on the floor with your new baby, making eye contact and interacting, it’s all the same to her. Watching Mum fold different coloured clothing is ridiculously interesting.

As they get older, throwing the items you have just sorted all over the house is more up their alley.

Combine nap time with chore time

Personally, I always napped when the baby napped. So really I suggest you do that – but some people have trouble sleeping during the day (I know, I don’t understand it either). If that’s you – your baby’s nap time just became more of your productive minutes. And if you would happily have a nap yourself but your baby has other ideas – instead of spending an hour rocking them, pop them in a carrier, and get something done that you need to. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and the movement and sound of the vacuum cleaner will put them to sleep. You may not get a nap, but you might get a semi-clean house to enjoy.

Give yourself time to do nothing

This is your time to sit down, close your eyes and unwind. Take a few deep breaths, put on some music or sit in a dark room and just reflect. It can be 10 minutes, or it can be an hour (lucky you, if you can get it!) – the main thing is that you relax.

Choose one-handed activities to conquer during feeding time

Candy Crush is a great one-handed activity, but if you are more ambitious than me, the joys of the internet mean you can even shop for groceries, pay your bills and deal with email all while feeding. Or, catch up on your favourite television shows. No judgement here.

Remember, there is always tomorrow

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Life simultaneously slows down and speeds up when you have a new baby. If your little one has a bad day and you get nothing done, don’t stress. You can always attempt to shower, clean or cook tomorrow. Take away food is for days like that. Right now, the most important job you have is looking after your baby, and that’s a full time job in itself.

Stay on track by investing in items that can help – BÉABA’s Babycook has been a godsend for many mums when it comes to efficient meal preparation for little ones. Get yours at BubbaLove or Honey Baby or check them out on Facebook.

All new mums have good days and bad days. Some days you will conquer the world (and the washing). Other days you will feel like you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. But, remember, your main job right now is to care for your little one. And you are doing a fantastic job at that!

(This is a sponsored post for BÉABA)


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