Beat Bugs is a show for kids with classic Beatles songs played by modern artists

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A rocking, bopping, fun new show is coming soon to Netflix and it looks like it will become a family favourite across the generations. The story follows five adventurous young bug friends and the kids are gonna love them – yeah, yeah, yeah.

There has been quite some buzz around this epic Netflix release and not only because it is swarming with cute insect characters. Beat Bugs is a new animated series in which five young bug friends explore the expansive universe of a suburban backyard with the musical genius of The Beatles guiding their every step.

Beat Bugs on Netflix

This is The Beatles music like you have never heard it before. Performed by some big name current talent such as Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Pink, Sia, Regina Spektor, Of Monsters and Men, The Shins, James Bay and more. Yes, that’s not even the full line-up! As you can see, the epic catalogue of Beatles songs is in good hands.

The songs not only add a soundtrack but they play a part in the narrative. For example when winter finally subsides the moment of the sun’s return is accompanied by Good Day Sunshine, while a moment between friends is expressed through the singing of All You Need Is Love. Take a look at the video below to get a real sense of the wonderful world this show has created.

Beat Bugs is due this August and I, for one, am all aflutter for its release. At this point Netflix has agreed to take on two seasons of the show. What that means for music lovers is that there’ll be 50 great Beatles tracks contained in these first two seasons. We might be able to drip-feed this epic show to the kids, but I think us parents will have a hard time fending off the urge to binge watch the whole set and sing along.

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