7 daily mummy mantras to help you survive parenting a toddler

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Raising a toddler is hair-raising, to say the least. Every day is a whirlwind of undeniable cuteness on top of insane demands, mess, chaos, tantrums, worry and exhaustion. So if you’re in the trenches right now then close your eyes and repeat after me …

1. Motherhood is a blessing

It’s good to remind yourself how fortunate you are when so many other women out there never have the chance to be a mum. So remember this when your child is spitting chewed banana in your face. For the tenth time that day.

2. My child is healthy and loved

You know what’s worse than a toddler tantrum? A toddler who is unwell or who won’t live to see their teens. They might be screaming at you right now for using the wrong coloured spoon, but they are healthy, loved and safe.

terrible twos

3. I am a good mum

You might not think so because you snapped at your toddler for hitting you in the shins with a hairbrush and now they’re sad and sulking, but you are a good mum. Remember even the best CEOs have bad days, it doesn’t mean they’re not fit to run the company.

4. I am also a person

Yes, that’s right! You were a person before you became a mum – an interesting, intelligent and witty person with dreams and goals of your own. And guess what? You’re STILL that person – despite the tiny human clinging to your legs demanding Peppa Pig at 5am. It IS possible to be both a mum and someone else and it starts with self-love

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5. This is normal 

You will always question whether your child’s behaviour is normal (surely no one else’s toddler throws their dinner plate in the air every night?!), but trust us IT IS. Your toddler is finding her way in the world, and remember they don’t call it the ‘terrible twos’ for nothing.

Annoyed mother and toddler 

6. One day I’ll look back and smile

Think of it like this – the cheekier and crazier your toddler is, the funnier stories you’ll have to trot out at their 21st. Having to clean up a toilet training poo disaster off the bedroom wall isn’t fun at the time, but you WILL look back on this with fondness. And don’t they say that it’s the willful and challenging kids who often end up the most successful and charismatic? We certainly hope so!

7. It WILL pass

As the saying goes, ‘they’re only little once’, and boy is it true. It might feel like this nightmare parenting stage is taking an eternity right now, but before you know it, they’ll be well and truly past the toddler years, and you’ll wonder where on earth the time went. Chances are you’ll be too busy wading through your next parenting challenge to notice your toddler has moved on, but at least by then everyone will be able to wipe their own bums!

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