Watch: Preschoolers choosing how they’d like to be greeted is the sweetest

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Cue CUTE alert!

This viral video of a four-year-old and his classmates choosing how they wish to be greeted of a morning is possibly the most adorable thing you will watch today.

Good morning friends! 

Each morning the preschoolers at Lone Tree Elementary in Iowa get to start their day in the sweetest way. Students are met each morning by the class ‘greeter (who changes every day!) by selecting either a picture of a hug, fist bump, high five or a handshake.

And the “awww, so cute!” video is being shared far and wide. 

Inclusive love

Australia’s peak Autism body, ASPECT, shared the footage on their Facebook page, reminding us just how much kids on the Autism spectrum, who like visuals would love this (but perhaps not the ones with touch sensitivity, but then they can choose a hello wave if a hug is too much!). 

Kindy teacher, Kerry Lovgren, who came up with the gorgeous idea says she did it to “encourage positive interactions and include everyone.”

Kindness and consent 

The sweet video is getting so much love, not only for its cute factor but also because it has sparked a healthy conversation about consent and respecting the way others like to be treated and interacted with. 

By allowing the youngsters to decide how they wish to be greeted by the ‘greeter of the week’, the visual lets little ones control and express how they would like to be touched, and also that it’s OK if they choose a fist bump instead of a full-on squishy embrace. 

Educator Kerry says, “From this interaction, each child starts their day with a smile – an amazing thing to see.”

Yes, it truly is Kerry! 

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