Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi reveals who loves her the most and it’s SO cute

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott (aka Jacques Bermon Webster II) are parents to 19-month-old Stormi Webster, and the little girl has just appeared on the viral Burning Questions segment on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. As you do. When you’re a not-quite two-year-old toddler. #not

Getting to know you

During the segment, Stormi sits on Kylie’s lap and they answer a series of probing and rapid-fire questions together.

The clip (below) starts off with some easy and relatable ones. Like the biggest mess Stormi has made. Kylie revealed that it was a decor-destroying sweet moment. #relatable!

“Recently she’s really into M&Ms,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder reveals. “So she gets the M&Ms and she melts them in her hands … and then you put it all over my white couch!” she continues, addressing Stormi.

Next, they settle on Stormi’s favourite dance move – which is apparently ‘hands in the air’ – complete with cute demonstration.

A question about dad-of-one Travis Scott’s funniest moment also includes the couple’s adorable little girl.

“When [he] and Stormi play together, it’s the most funny thing ever,” Kylie says. “They scream and they yell, and he makes her fly all over the house. They have so much fun together.”

“Who loves you the most?”

Answering a curly q’ about the best gift she’s ever received from Travis, Kylie naturally replies, “Stormi!”

Stormi appears very pleased, happily saying her own name over and over. Or giving it her best shot, at least.

But when Kylie asks her toddler the next question: “Who loves you the most?” Stormi’s answer is swift and firm.

“Daddy!” is her response as Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie reveals that she says the same thing “every time!”

Travis and Kylie are planning to grow their family sometime soon, with fans suggesting that a pregnancy will for sure be announced this year.

We’re not quite clear on where they’re getting their intel, but there is no doubt that baby number two will turn up when the pair are good and ready.

Now you get to watch that cute clip! You’re so welcome!


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