Khloé Kardashian shared a surprising daily practice she does with baby True

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Khloé Kardashian is determined that her almost-one-year-old daughter will grow up with a strong sense of self, as this cute daily practice proves.

“I love myself”

A recent Instagram update showed the mum-of-one teaching her daughter how to do daily affirmations and encouraging her to love herself.

Wee True is seen in front of the mirror giggling and babbling, eventually giving her own reflection a loving smooch.

“Do you love yourself?” Khloé asks True.

“Do you say, ‘I am so beautiful?’” she quizzes.

“Say – ‘I am so happy,’” Khloé encourages.

True gives her reflection an admiring kiss in response.

“Yes, I love myself. I am so strong,” Khloé continues and it’s fair to say that True thoroughly approves.

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Promoting acceptance and diversity

Speaking about this cute and bolstering practice, Khloé said it’s far from cheesy and has a bunch of benefits.

“As silly as it sounds, I do positive affirmations with her in the morning,” Khloé recently said, People reports. They “sit in front of the mirror” and say “I am beautiful” the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star says.

“It’s my job to make her feel, no matter what she looks like, that she is strong and confident and beautiful, and it’s okay to embrace all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities,” Khloé continued.

“My whole family is a melting pot of race and skin tone and hair colour and height … everything. That’s our reality and our children need to know how beautiful diversity is.”

“A positive, loving mum”

Khloé’s fans loved this sweet practice and were quick to compliment her parenting.

“What a beautiful message to teach your daughter,” one posted. “You’ve got this Mumma!”

“She’s adorable. That’s a mood. We all should love who we are,” another wrote.

“You are such a positive loving mom,” someone else commented. “I can appreciate how difficult your situation is, I’ve been there myself. It has to be the hardest most painful thing to go thru as a woman. To maintain your dignity, poise, class, RAGE AND ANGER says everything about you. True needs you! She needs you to show her how wonderful and strong, beautiful and intelligent she is, you’re doing that.”


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