7 milestones I can’t wait for my toddler to reach

Posted in Learning and Development.

Now Mr 3 is able to talk and do a lot of things independently, life has become easier.

But there are still plenty of things that he hasn’t mastered and some of these can’t come fast enough.

Here’s what I mean.

1. Buckling his own seatbelt (without drama)

First world problems I know. But when Mr 3 can climb in the car and buckle himself in without a fuss, it’ll be a joyful day.

I won’t miss the body stiffening/floppy doll routine or the constant flailing arms as he fights me to try to do it himself. He’s probably also less likely to pinch his own privates as he clicks himself in. Oh, the guilt of that, right?

2. Using the remote control (YES!)

Yes, yes, screen time is bad. It will ruin Mr 3’s eyes and brain. But not if he watches documentaries, OK (cough cough).

Won’t it be wonderful when he can turn those documentaries on himself and flick between them should he so decide? No longer will I spend copious amounts of time repeatedly doing this for him, running the risk of RSI.

3. Walking instead of running

Mr 3 is a runner and he’s pretty quick. Turn your back for a second and he’s off – usually heading towards danger.

So, the day that he actually walks instead of runs everywhere will be nice. The day when not everything entices him to plunge towards it full pelt. The day when I can stop peering through my fingers awaiting the inevitable stack. 

4. Eating unassisted (give me strength) 

In an ideal world, Mr 3 would be feeding himself independently at every single meal. He’s more than capable. But, if I want him to focus and actually finish his food in less than three hours, I still need to help.

I long for the day when he can focus and eat alone. A time when he doesn’t get distracted by shiny objects or a carrot that’s not been fully disguised.

Child eating off the floor - feature

5. Eating without getting food everywhere

Dinner time at our house is like feeding time at the zoo. By the time Mr 3 is finished, most of the surrounding surfaces are covered in all manner of food – even with me helping.

So, won’t it be a pleasing day when food remains on the plate and the plate alone? When I don’t have to spray, and wipe and scrub after every meal and then still stand and squish those missed veggies between my toes. Yuck! 

6. No more singing toys

Many mornings I wake to the soothing sound of a plastic pig singing the ABC in that ‘nails down a chalkboard’ pitch.

The day that those singing toys are a distant memory for him can’t come soon enough. Sure, they’ll be replaced by something equally annoying, but at least it might be quieter.

Which brings me to … 

7. No more singing cartoons or TV presenters

Sometimes it’s hard to keep my brain cells from jumping out of my head in despair at the relentless singing and cheery voices from Mr 3’s viewing choices.

When his Netflix profile is no longer filled with singing buses, cars and dinosaurs (to name a few), I will be happy and know it. I might even clap my hands.


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