6 trials of living with a determined nappy escape artist

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This morning I cleaned up pee from my bed, the lounge room carpet and the kitchen floor. And I put a nappy on my toddler, three times.

You see, I live with a nappy escape artist. If you also have one these, then I know you’ll relate to my woes!

1. A little Houdini

Once your toddler discovers the thrill of peeling off his nappy and running nude around the house, with free reign to pee wherever he desires, he will turn nappy-wearing into a game. The game being how quickly can he get out of this thing and do a little wee before mum notices!

You see to a nappy escape artist, nappies are to break free from, not to catch his incontinence. They are a fun challenge, a game and to a toddler they are kinda pointless when the world is your toilet!

Statue weeing

2. Will duct tape help?

Then when he starts winning at this game more and more, you’ll think about what things you could do to try and stop the pee puddles. “Could I slap some duct tape across his happy to secure it? Why yes I could. No, I just need shorts. Where ARE his shorts?”

3. OK, shorts aren’t working

Should have done the duct tape idea. A tricky nappy escape artists will not be deterred by shorts I’ve discovered. Oh no, this will only give him more of a challenge and practice at pulling them off “by myself”.

4. What about pull-ups?

Oh, nope. Pull-ups or nappy pants are also a challenge. A bit harder than nappies with those little pull tabs, but to a toddler, just as enticing to try and wriggle out of.

Toddler on bed wearing nappy

5. Time for toilet training

Then there’s obvious thought will hit you — he just needs to be toilet trained. You’ll lead him by his little hand to the loo and show him where to put his wee wee. If you have one of those toddler toilet seats you may sit him on it, only to discover (as I did) that to a little guy toilets are scary things and he’ll wail and cry at you to be taken off it.

6. Will he use the potty?

Then if the big bad toilet is out of the question, you may try him on the potty. A nappy escape artists usually likes a little sit on the potty, although as I’ve found this tends to happen only after I’ve cleaned up the latest wee spillage from the floor. He’ll get there when he’s ready, I guess. I just have to give him some time.

Until then. Where is the duct tape?!


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