The very best things about being pregnant

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Pregnancy is one of the most incredible times of your life. Or so they say. But when you are having a hard time determining which is more swollen – your belly, your face or your feet, it can be hard to focus on the positives. And, you probably want to throw your phone at the person who first thoughts of that statement.

So, for all the pregnant mums out there, this one is for you. Even on the days when you are suffering from heartburn, you are afraid to step on the scales in fear they may break and you are pretty sure that you just peed yourself a little bit, remember these incredibly amazing things about being pregnant.

You will know the joy of having big breasts.

And, cleavage. Perhaps this isn’t such an incredible thing for those blessed in the bosom department but for mums like me, this was one of my favourite things about being pregnant.

You get to experience the baby movements.

Even three years later, I still remember those little kicks. This is a memory you get to hold on to forever.

You will radiate with a “pregnant” glow.

I will argue that you are glowing because you are sweating to death, but that’s just me.  Whatever the case, it’s nice to not have to wear concealer and enjoy a few months of clear skin.

Your hair doubles in thickness, softness and shininess.

Pregnancy hormones can also give your hair a naturally healthy glow. So do a few more hair flips.

You experience the craziest dreams.

While some can be scary, the ones where you are holding your baby are so vivid you will wake up with a heart bursting with anticipation and love.


You get to indulge in second helpings. No questions asked.

You’re eating for two. Sure, the second person is the size of a mango… but that’s just a minor, unimportant detail.

You have the greatest excuse ever for messing up.

Baby brain made me do it.

And you can put up your feet rather than cook, clean or fold laundry.

Get used to the phrase, “You relax. I’ll do it.”

You get to freak people out when they ask you what you are going to name the baby.

Rather than tell them the truth, why not play around with some of the most outrageous names on the planet and see what kind of reaction you get. It’s fun, I promise.  Check out our wacky baby name post for inspiration if you’re stuck.

You can expect unconditional belly kisses from your children and partner.

And possibly belly rubs too. Belly kisses and rubs when you don’t have a baby in there just aren’t the same.

You get to enjoy foot rubs and pedicures.

The only time my husband goes near my feet is when I’m pregnant. Lap it up, ladies. Nothing feels better than a foot rub after a full day of bladder kicks.

You get the spare seat on crowded transport.

If you are big enough to show…and you make sure your waddle is extra pronounced when trying to find a seat.

pregnancy two

And you even get your own special place to park in some crowded car parks.

All car parks should come with these parking spaces.

You don’t have to suck in your gut for photos.

Let it all hang out!

You have the greatest excuse in the world to shop!

Buying shoes is always fun. But buying itsy bitsy baby things is even better.

And, finally, you get to use the phrase, “I grow humans, what’s your super power?” for the rest of your life.

Whenever someone (I mean, your husband), ever tries to one-up you on anything, you have the winning argument. No matter what he comes back with, there’s no contest. Victory is yours. The end.

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