Keys in the fridge? Here’s 10 pregnancy brain moments we’ve all had

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If you’re pregnant or currently parenting a small human, these common pregnancy brain moments – which we now know lasts for two years after you give birth – will sound all too familiar.

Results of pregnancy brain can vary from woman to woman, maybe you’ll find you are unusually forgetful and you won’t be too concerned (lucky you!) but for the rest of us, your brain farts leave you questioning your actual sanity on a very real level.

We asked Babyology readers to share their pregnancy brain moments and these were the most common (and let’s face it,funny!) pregnancy-induced mistakes.

1. When you go to pay for your groceries, petrol, shopping but can’t

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If you’ve ever found yourself red-faced at the checkout or petrol station while pregnant, fear not, you are far from alone. Here are the four most common reasons real mums admit to being caught cashless at the register.

1. Opening your handbag to find the TV remote instead of your purse.

2. Discovering you have packed the baby wipes in your handbag and your wallet in your little one’s school bag.

3. Completely blanking when it comes time to enter your credit card pin. What was it again?!

4. Misplacing your bank card in your bra. Because sometimes you just need to stuff things where you can in the moment.


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