Outrage over Pink’s gorgeous breastfeeding working mum photo – yes, still!

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This #workflow captioned shot captures the juggle pretty brilliantly and highlights how vital it is to advocate for mums who want/need to work. The comments on the picture, however, are a reminder that for many, breastfeeding is far from normal. There’s still much work to be done, it would seem.

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Jameson can multitask too #workflow @pamwiggy @kathyjeung

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“Jameson can multitask too #workflow” Pink punned under the shot of her very wriggly baby boy enjoying a feed, as his mum gets ready for work. (And yes that is a make-up brush in Jameson’s hand. #CoutourAllDayLong!)

While many mums obviously don’t have the option of taking their baby to work – and unfairly don’t have access to hair and make-up artists #HowRude! – almost every mum supports the right of women to feed their babies in the way that they choose. Pink is doing just that – with some help from 6-month-old Jameson.

The post has received a predictable mixed response, as mouth-breathing breastmilkaphobes attempt to have their anti-breastfeeding views heard. Let’s not repost their piffle here. Instead, we shall rejoice in the supportive comments of intelligent types who realise that breastfeeding is a fantastic option for women who are able to do it (and whichever way you choose to feed your baby is SPOT ON!)

“Get it!!! All day long! I love you so much. And now even more for posting this! Thank you for being who you are,” one fan cheered.

“Beautiful! A perfect ambassador for breastfeeding,” another follower applauded.

“Screw anyone that doesn’t think this is so awesome!! This is just one more thing I love about this woman!!” one fan wrote.

Stuck in the dark ages?

However the negative comments came thick and fast too, illustrating that while many of us consider breastfeeding the most natural thing in the world, many people have no breastfeeding role models and are chock full of misconceptions and freak-the-heck-out. Sigh.

If you click through to Pink’s Instagram and read the comments you’ll see just how much work is left to be done in the battle to desexualise and normalise breastfeeding. This is why photos like this matter so very much.

Pink’s post is hot on the heels of an equally powerful photo showing Australian MP Larissa Waters breastfeeding her baby as she passed a Senate motion in Parliament.

These images remind us that (many) women do need to breastfeed their babies during office hours, for a whole host of reasons.

The unique and pressing demands of breastfeeding an infant should not mean that women have to step away from the important paid work they need to or choose to do.

More of this, please

These images of high-profile women getting on with the job of mothering whilst working help to erode outdated policies and attitudes to breastfeeding in the workplace. 

While it’s true that it might seem A LOT to juggle work and babies at the same time, given the option, many women would choose to stay in the workforce and get on with both jobs. For many, stepping back means rapidly developing industries can forge on without them and they may struggle to maintain hard earned status (and skills). The chance to give mothering AND work a red hot go is an opportunity many women would relish.

PS: Check Pink’s #MomGoals pic below, if you fancy a giggle.


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