Spark joy: The life-changing magic of having a baby

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When you announce you’re expecting a baby, people will often bombard you with “helpful” advice, designed to acclimatise you to the horrifying challenges parenthood will bring. What we don’t talk about enough, though, are the rewards and positive perspective shifts welcoming a human into the world can bring. 

So let’s focus on the joy-sparking, life-changing magic of babying up! (We’re sure Marie Kondo will approve!)

A dose of something bigger than you

Having a baby makes you realise that there is more to you and the world than, well, you! Not only have you grown and birthed a whole actual human, they’re about to show you who they are and some day, what they can do. It’s not all about you anymore, and sometimes that’s the very reset you need. Thank your baby for making you see the bigger picture – and forge a broader life plan that revolves around the hopes and dreams of a cute, loving bunch of people aka your family!

Confirmation that your body is amazing

The magic of growing a human, one that’s designed to snuggle inside you and grow all their person bits, is not to be taken for granted. Yes, millions of women have done it before you, but that doesn’t make YOUR human-creating super-powers any less wondrous (or joyful!) You grew a whole person! With a heart and a brain and stuff! You are magic!

Mother kissing newborn baby

Proof that you are extra-adaptable

Life can be pretty insular before you have kids, despite what you may think. You can shut yourself away from challenges and have a good crack at managing your surrounds so they’re as stress-free as possible. Once a baby shows up, they seem determined to illustrate that things need to be a little bit more edge-of-your-seat, at least some of the time. Learning to adapt to these challenges, and take things in your stride, is a babying-up bonus and a life-long gift.

Confirmation of badass levels of endurance

I mean, really, having a baby is like the world’s longest marathon. It starts during pregnancy (sometimes before) and lasts until long after your “baby” leaves home. Not only are you able to run the course, but you gain strength along the way, even if you falter now and again. This is the kind of magic babies weave. Yup.

Custodianship of the whole world (sort of!)

If you weren’t super-conscious of environmentalism and sustainability pre-baby, the idea of leaving something (hopefully) lush and liveable for the cute tot you’re snuggling every day will hopefully have made this more of a priority. Looking after the earth for our children’s – and their children’s – benefit is a no-brainer and this is the kind of magic babies spark in previously envirolazy* types.

* is TOO a word!

A reminder that you’re not perfect

Look. Sometimes we mess up and when we have little kids, we might mess up even more than usual, due to exhaustion and the nail-biting challenges mum (or dad) life regularly serves up. It’s okay though because perfection is actually a terrible cross to bear. You don’t need that perfect schtick! Your magical baby will remind you that a) you’re a flawed human, and b) they love you just the way you are.

Bonus self-awareness

As your kids grow, they’re going to start asking you things you don’t know and questioning your authority and the things you take for granted about yourself. Fresh little humans make light work of changing the way you see yourself. You’ll find you’re digging deep, rethinking your views and even growing and improving as a person. Basically you are adulting AND magic! 

The bolstering power of super love

Just when you thought you couldn’t love anything more than your partner or pet, a tiny baby comes along and shows you just how wrong you are! Babies crack your heart open in magical ways and supercharge the feeling you thought love was into something even more special and huge. Add slobbery baby kisses to that and you’ll be a certified puddle of joy. 


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