The funny pregnancy in 1,000 pictures video that we can’t look away from

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This hilarious and amazing baby bump video, taken over nine months, shows just how mind-boggling pregnancy truly is.

Watch it to the end so you can see the teeny-tiny baby! Awww.

9 months ago

The video starts in the early days of the woman’s pregnancy. Someone has even drawn the words, “Nine months ago …” on her belly!

She wears the same grey trackies and white crop top for the duration of her pregnancy.

It is a culmination of 1,000 pictures. It’s pretty epic, but also hilarious.

Just wait until she brings out the vomit bucket!

9 Months of Pregnancy in 1000 Pictures

LOL @ when she brings in the morning sickness bucket 😂😂And you even get to see the baby at the end!!! 💕💕

Posted by Guff UK on Tuesday, 9 April 2019

It’s a girl!

The ‘can’t look away’ video is captivating as the woman’s expanding bump, documents how incredible our bodies are in growing a new life from scratch.

At one point, the woman holds an iPad in front of her belly showing a 3D scan of her little one and we also find out it’s a baby girl!

Someone is craving Nutella

After curling up to sleep, we see that this preggy lady is just like the rest of us. She’s dreaming about Nutella as jars of the gooey-chocolate spread appear around her – and then we all make a dash to the pantry.

As the woman’s pregnancy progresses, we see her partner drawing what looks like a pinball whacker on her tummy and we giggle. Oh yeah, we know that feeling, too.

Then, the grey trackies appear a darker grey and we realise her waters have broken! Off to hospital she goes …

And comes home with an itty-bitty baby and just like that, we remember how tiny and cute a newborn really is.

Oh, our ovaries!


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