Mums share the worst comments they’ve received while pregnant

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Despite advances in medicine and technology, there is still a disappointing number of people who believe they are the authority on pregnancy and birth — and they can’t wait to give you a nugget of their wisdom. 

A post on the parenting forum, Mumsnet has collated some of the weirdest, silliest and rudest comments made to pregnant women, and believe me, some of them are really out there – do people really say this stuff? Apparently they do.

Check out these for size (no pun intended!):

When it comes to the birth: “She was so undignified”

Some ladies received important news about how their birth choices would impact on their relationship with their husband. “Oh you’re pregnant? Well make sure you don’t have a vaginal birth or your husband will leave you – with good reason!” 


Someone out there should also warn us about how undignified we can become when we’re birthing life, like this helpful chap did. “I’ve never been able to look at my wife the same since she made me attend the birth of our child. She was so undignified and just frankly it’s disgusting I had to see her like that.”

And if you’re opting for a c-section don’t worry, you can’t win that way either. One lady, whose own c-section was approaching, said she’d heard this from her dad: “But you’re not really a woman if you don’t actually give birth!” 

Size matters: “I thought you just got fat!”

It seems that people can’t help themselves when it comes to commenting on the size of pregnant bellies.

“‘Wow, you are HUGE. Have you got triplets in there?’ I wouldn’t mind, but this person went on for months that I was lying to her. She got proper angry at me.”

“My MIL always says “Oh, you’re getting a belly on you.” Umm well yeah. Of course. But she said it from 6 weeks. Lol!”

Some people blurt out something offensive and then try to make it sound nice. “‘God you’re huge … in a good way, of course.’ How could that possibly be meant in a good way?!”

Other people are just twats about it: “Bully colleague said ‘I thought you’d got fat, and that it was just all the chocolate you were eating.'” 

Gender disappointment: “You can always try again”

Most mums-to-be are happy with whatever their baby’s gender is, however, this doesn’t stop people being overly, and kind of inappropriately concerned about it.

“Another girl! Oh well!”

“On finding out I was having another boy, a male colleague said, ‘Sorry, you must be so disappointed! Don’t worry you can always try again for a girl.'”

I’m sure they meant well.

“You’re choosing to poison your child”

The topic of feeding your baby was always going to attract the strongest opinions, but this one’s a bit full on, heard by one mum-to-be at work: “If you don’t breastfeed you’re just choosing to poison your child”. Sigh. The judgement can start early.

It seems that as well as your feeding choices, the sagginess of your boobs is also up for comment when you’re pregnant – hooray! “I didn’t know your boobs went saggy when you’re pregnant, I thought that it happened after you’d had your baby and you had breastfed them or something.”

The pregnancy announcement: “You should be shot”

Typically announcing your pregnancy is a very special and exciting time for pregnant women, but the pregnancy announcement isn’t always met with delight by colleagues, or so it seems. “After I got pregnant soon after starting a new job, one of my bosses said ‘you deserve to be shot’. I no longer work there.”

The intrusive questions: “It’s gonna come out all skin and bone”

One respondent revealed the line of questioning she received from someone when she revealed her pregnancy. “‘Was it planned or an accident?’ Looks at me with a smirk … I look young but I’m bloody 27 for god’s sake!!! And then swiftly followed by ‘are you with the baby’s father still?'”

Wow, talk about intrusive!

Another poor mum-to-be had to put up with these persistent questions from family members, despite repeatedly telling them that she was measuring fine at all her check-ups.

“Are you sure baby is growing properly?”
“You only look a few weeks gone”
“Are the dates correct, have you made sure?”
“You don’t look like you’re eating enough”
“It’s gonna come out all skin and bone”
“You’ll have to feed hourly, baby is being starved in there”

These poor mums have copped some curly questions and comments, but it seems they’ve got the sass to deal with it – thankfully! Which puts them in good stead for all that lovely judgement and advice to come once baby has arrived. 

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