Mum’s ‘what do you miss most’ pregnancy post has us all craving soft cheese

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A preggy mum-to-be has shared her craving for a forbidden pregnancy food, and now others are chiming in with what they miss most while pregnant.

“What do you miss most while pregnant?”

The mum posted on Mumsnet that she’s craving soft cheese – one of the no-no pregnancy foods because of its listeria risk – and her thread is gaining momentum.  

“I’ve become slightly obsessed by brie,” she writes.

 “When I chose my lunch it’s the brie baguette that literally jumps out. I’m also going to France next month on holiday and it’s going to be hard. I’ll make up for it I’m sure through eating patisserie!

“Also being able to buy nice new summer clothes. The shops are full of gorgeous stuff none of which will fit!” she adds.

Titling the thread, ‘What do you miss most while pregnant’ she’s had plenty of responses – clearly from users sporting baby bumps and harbouring secret pregnancy uh-ah cravings.

Pregnant woman's belly

Blue cheese!

As well as lots of votes for brie and camembert, soft-veined blue cheese also scored highly.

“Smelly blue cheese … and red wine to wash it down with. Three months to go!” cooed one user.

“Blue cheese and wine!” echoed another.

Which leads us to …

Coffee and wine – obvs

Heaps of users were quick to list caffeine, and wine (well, of course) in their most missed things. 

“Coffee. Enjoying real good coffee. And red wine,” said one.

“First pregnancy: Pate and wine. Second pregnancy: Coffee – brew,” shared another.

Pate also got a few mentions with one mum declaring she was, “Considering packing it in my hospital bag.”

Pregnant couple

“Sleeping on my stomach”

Then a user reminded us of what we really miss when pregnant:

“Sleeping on my stomach.”

Yep, and to that, we could add bladder control, clear skin and seeing my toes.

Hurry up, baby!


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