Talitha Cummins and Aaron Harvie: Home birthing, push presents and parent porn

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Journalist and presenter Talitha Cummins joins cook and author Aaron Harvie to tackle the topics making our minds tick.

Together with host Shevonne Hunt, they use their own experiences – both successes and fails – to shine a light on some tricky parenting situations.

The topics in this episode include:

  • Is home birthing a more attractive option now a royal has done it?
  • Are ‘push presents’ a valid recognition of the challenge of bearing a child, or are they tacky?
  • Are fit mums on Instagram causing more harm than good?
  • Perfect pantries and peeing alone. What is your parenting porn?

Listen to Talitha Cummins and Aaron Harvie on The Parent Panel: 

A Royal has shone a light on home birthing – so would you do it?

This week writer and regular guest on The Parent Panel Holly Wainwright wrote about Meagan Markle choosing to birth her baby at home.

Now that baby has come into the world- and both Meagan and her son are doing well … after an obstetrician from the Royal College of Gynaecology guffawed over her choice to home birth.  

In Holly’s article, she quotes Professor of Midwifery Hannah Dahlen saying, “For the mother [home birth] is safer on every single level – they have less intervention, less perineal tearing, less bleeding, better recovery and better breastfeeding rates.” 

How do you feel about home birth? Given the information available to hand would you choose to home birth now? 

Are push presents valid or completely tacky?

Celebrity life. Meh. It’s far removed from those of us who are mere mortals, but at the same time, they often reflect what’s happening down here on earth.

Take ‘push presents’ for example. Cars, motorbikes, jewellery. That’s what mums like J Lo, Beyonce and several of the Kardashians have received after the birth of their babies. Closer to home, you might see a mum with a new necklace or ring.

Are ‘push presents’ legit or tacky? Do women deserve a gift for carrying a child for nine months and then birthing said child? What does it say that we reward birthing a child?  

Are fit mums on Instagram doing more harm than good?

This week writer Sarah Berry highlighted the pressure on mums to ‘bounce back’ from having babies.

She cites the influence of ‘mummy fitspo’ on Instagram as making mums feel their own bodies are out-of-shape and not attractive.

These are the mums who post their work out shots, looking trim and clean, while the rest of us sit on a lounge covered in baby vomit, still in last night’s PJs. 

Are fitness mums doing more harm than good?

What is your ‘parent porn’? 

Hold up. This isn’t a naughty question. When we become parents, things we used to think were boring suddenly become sexy as hell. Like going to the toilet on your own. A wonder woman on the internet has posted about her heavenly pantry – it’s a walk in, full of neatly arranged Tupperware and it has drawers for larger appliances down below.

What would be your parenting porn?  


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