Am I pregnant?: 9 things you can do to get through the two-week wait

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If there’s ever a time that slows down to a standstill, it’s that two-week window before you can find out if you’re successfully conceived your baby. The only experience that comes close to this is waiting out your third trimester – those last two weeks of pregnancy tend to crawl by … but you’ll experience that sooner enough … fingers crossed.

For now, you and your partner have done the deed during your fertile window and you’re at the start of the notorious two-week wait, that block of time where you try your hardest not to obsess about your potential pregnancy, but find it nearly impossible to think of anything else. This bit is tough. But with some solid plans for getting through it, you can do this without losing your mind or reaching for that pregnancy test too early …

Here are nine ways to get through the two-week wait:

1. Act pregnant

Okay, you might not know if you’ve conceived for a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t act pregnant, giving your little embryo the best possible start if things do take off. Steer clear of alcohol, limit your caffeine intake, make sure you continue to eat well and be mindful of any medications that you take. If you’re not sure about taking medication during this limbo period, contact Mothersafe, who can advise on medication and supplements. 

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2. Nourish your body

When you’re pregnant, feeding yourself takes on a whole new meaning, because you’re feeding your unborn baby at the same time. There’s no reason why you can’t take on this mentality now, using this early time to really nourish and prepare your body for pregnancy. Use the next two weeks to ramp up your diet and enjoy fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables. Even if this pregnancy doesn’t take off, when it eventually does, your body will be in great shape.

3. Do your best to avoid …

Even though it’s really, really hard, do your best to avoid looking up your potential baby’s due date and getting caught up in a big fantasy about when you’ll take your maternity leave and what sort of birth you’d like to go for. All this stuff is incredibly exciting, but investing yourself like this before your pregnancy is even confirmed will make a negative result even more disappointing.

happy woman with pregnancy test

4. Find a project

Instead of getting lost in baby fantasy, try immersing yourself in a short project instead, which can occupy your interest and keep your mind off that all those phantom pregnancy signs your keep noticing. Any DIY projects around the house you can start on? Or photo albums you’ve been meaning to create online? Now is a great time to get stuck in.

5. Make plans, lots of plans

While you’re at it, lock in some fun plans with your pals to get you through the next fourteen days. Think lunch dates, movie nights and strolling through some Sunday markets to keep you busy and involved in some conversation (that isn’t about babies!).

6. Go out on a date night

If you do find out you’re pregnant after the two-week wait, the first trimester will leave you feeling too tired and bloated to go out on date nights, so do this now, while you have the energy. Enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your time as a couple now because who knows … in under a year you could be a family of three.

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7. Enjoy your figure-hugging clothes

Wear your existing clothes with pride and comfort because if you’re pregnant, those skinny jeans could soon be a thing of the past! Instead, you’ll be loving stretchy trackies, leggings and may even find yourself purchasing maternity jeans before your first trimester is over, to ease the bloated feeling that comes with early pregnancy.

8. Hold someone else’s baby

If you’re feeling incredibly broody and simply can’t wait to hold your own newborn, maybe it will help to visit someone else’s. If you have a friend who’s just had a baby, pop by and see if she needs any help. Not only will you score a cuddle with a delicious newborn, but she’ll be around to help you out in return when you finally have your own bub.

9. Join a forum of other women TTC

If you really can’t help obsessing about whether you’re pregnant or not and find it really hard to take your mind off it, why not join a forum where there are lots of others like you, who are all waiting for their BFP (Big Fat Positive pregnancy test) themselves? It can be fun to discuss pregnancy symptoms with like-minded women, as well as celebrate and support each other with any disappointments.


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