New photos: Expectant mum Carrie Bickmore’s Hawaiian family holiday album

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The Project anchor Carrie Bickmore just spent some well-earned sunny days in Hawaii with her family – and weirdly she forgot to book us a villa. #gutted

Hawaii Four oh!

While we were stuck at our desks dreaming of warmer days, the soon-to-be mum of three was splashing in the shallows with her kiddos and possibly drinking out of a coconut.

It’s hard to begrudge Carrie this brilliant holiday though, because we KNOW she deserves all the of sun, snacks and surf. Lots of hard work on telly and with her brain cancer charity, plus an enduring battle with morning sickness must have left her feeling a little depleted. We’d give Carrie all the holidays she likes, if we could.

Carrie Bickmore is expecting her third child with partner Chris Walker. The couple are already parents to Ollie and Evie, and announced this third pregnancy (a second child for Chris) with some help from Instagram and their kiddos. 

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Crunchy and crusty

Yesterday, as Carrie prepped for her return to work, she unloaded a bunch of photos to Instagram and shared some holiday insights with followers. For one, we found out that you can get too much of a good thing – i.e. chips. Also, we heard that Carrie’s got some old faithful maternity bathers and they sound kinda fancy.

“Sun ✔️surf ✔️play time ✔️ ‘mostly’ digital free days (fortnight sneakily made its way into a few days?) ✔️ no news (I did hear the great news about the cave rescue but stayed away from news cycle ✔️ family time ✔️ lots of chips and icecream ✔️ (craving an apple or a crunchy veggie!)” Carrie posted.

“And the same bathers I have worn for 3 pregnancies (eek!) but who wants to shop for bathers when pregnant. They are old and crusty and used to be white and now are a mix of fake Tan, sunscreen and salt, but they do the job just fine.” #Fancy

“Last holiday as the four of us”

Carrie said she’s been loving the summer vibes in Hawaii and the fact that their very next holiday will be an upsized one has not gone unnoticed.

“Really gonna miss hanging with the fam 24/7 though. Something nice about the pace of summer holidays. Last holiday as the four of us. Next one we’ll be outnumbered,” she pointed out.

“Back to work tomorrow. But not complaining. Had such a good break. It was the first week I haven’t felt sick in months and I am genuinely pumped to go back to work to jobs I love. Will be nice doing them nausea free!!!”


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