Orange is the New Black’s Yael Stone says motherhood is her biggest role yet

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Australian actor Yael Stone is most famous for playing Lorna Morello in Netflix hit series Orange is the New Black, but the mum-to-be says it’s parenthood that might just be her best role yet!

“We’re so excited”

Yael, who is expecting her first child with partner Jack Manning Bancroft, told Who Weekly her pregnancy was a journey into the unexpected. 

“I have a major production underway – I’m six months pregnant. What this feels like is I have a brand new role that I’ve never, ever trained for,” Yael said. 

“This is my first one, and this is a much-wanted, much-planned for child. We’re so excited.”

“A brand new role”

Back in Australia for a part in a new adaptation of Joan Lindsay’s classic book Picnic at Hanging Rock, Yael says she’s happy to be welcoming her baby on familiar turf.

“We are so excited to be doing this here, and have our family around. This is a very important moment to share in our lives.”

“We have absolutely no idea what’s on the other side of this, so it’s a grand leap into a brand new role,” Yael admitted.

From Morello to mama

While we know and love Yael as OITNB’s wedding-obsessed Morello, we’re dead certain that her reinvention as Joan Lindsay’s Miss Lumley is going to be ultra-amazing.

The six-part series, which will air on Foxtel, also features Game of Thrones and The Tudors star Natalie Dormer amidst an outstanding cast. The show is set to hit Foxtel subscribers’ screens on May 6th, in Australia so pop THAT in your diary as a must-watch.

It will also screen on Amazon, if you have access to that (the premiere date has not been released, as yet).

Yael told Who she’s currently resting on her laurels, professionally at least. Her priorities, for now,  have shifted as her bump has progressed and she’s focusing on an all-new transformation.

“This pregnancy is my priority,” the mum-to-be says. “Baby is the most important thing right now.”


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