7 ways to celebrate your child’s birthday when it falls on a holiday

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Birthdays are everything to little kids, and special holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween are just as important. But what happens when they land on the same day, or it’s another family member’s birthday too? Here are seven ways to make your child’s birthday special when it happens to coincide with another big celebration.

1. Have a party at a different time

Parents of kids with birthdays around Christmas, Easter time, or even Australia Day, will be all too familiar with the struggle of organising a party when everyone is away on holidays or for the long weekend. But if you plan ahead you can squeeze in some early celebrations and turn your kid’s special day into a special week, fortnight or month of celebrations. Seasonal holidays are often busy enough without having to add hosting a kid’s party, and good luck finding a children’s entertainer or centre open on a public holiday too. This is a much better plan, then you can still have a small family celebration on the actual day.

2. Dedicate another whole day to celebrations

Usually parties are not held on the same day as birthdays, so children get another day where they open presents and do other nice things with their family. This could be pancakes for breakfast, fun outings together or dinner at a restaurant. If your bub was born on Christmas Day, you can shift the celebration to Christmas Eve or Boxing Day so they don’t miss out on all the fun of the holiday as well. When they’re really little, children won’t know the difference anyway!

children's birthday party

3. Move other family birthday celebrations

Unless you have twins, most children don’t like sharing their birthday with anyone else in the family as it takes the focus off them. And let’s face it, who wants to be making two cakes?! So if your kids share a birthday with each other, with you or your partner, work out different days to celebrate each birthday so everyone gets their own special day.

4. Make time to acknowledge it on the day

Even though you might be doing presents and other celebrations on different days, and there is something else happening on the actual day, it’s still a good idea to acknowledge your child’s real birthday. Perhaps dedicate one hour to doing something special, mark their height on a wall chart, and take some photos. They should always know when their true birth date is.

5. Give separate presents

When kids get older they might like the idea of combined presents if they want super expensive gifts, but when they’re little they don’t want to feel ripped off in the present department. They LIVE for these moments remember? So make sure you have a birthday present and a present for whatever occasion is also happening, so they have presents to open on the days of both celebrations.

boy with birthday present

6. Don’t use holiday wrapping

Don’t skimp on paper and cards, make sure your child’s birthday gifts are wrapped appropriately. That means no Christmas or Easter style paper or decorations. And definitely no seasonal birthday gifts – e.g. Christmas tree ornaments, Santa jumpers or chocolate eggs if their birthday is around that time of year. 

7. Make a big fuss

Finally, let your child know that they are extra special for having their birthday fall on the same day as something or someone else. By making a big deal out of it, you’ll make sure they feel important and their birthday is acknowledged in a big way. You never know, they may just come to love sharing their birthday after all.

What other ways do you celebrate your child’s birthday when it’s on the same day as another celebration? Share your tips with us on Facebook!


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