Men can now measure their sperm count from the comfort of their own home

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Awkward trips to the fertility clinic are soon to be a thing of the past. Cue cheers from men around the world!

A yet-to-be-released mobile app called Yo Sperm Tester will let men measure the potency of their sperm in the comfort of their own home.

Men waiting nervously in doctor's surgery

Using an attachment with a built-in microscope that clips onto your smartphone, the app uses your phone’s video and flashlight to film your swimmers, and a scientific semen analyser to measure the sperm’s motility.

The app is said to be a 97 per cent accurate measure of sperm count, and was created by a commercial-grade developer of rapid automated semen analysis.

Yo sperm tester app

The app takes a video of your sperm sample.

While this app is a great way to help men take control of their reproductive health (something we’ll always support!), it is kind of gross that you can film and save the video of your sperm. I mean, who are you going to share that with? Are we looking at a new trend where men start sharing videos of the step before the ultrasound pic? #ewwww


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