First womb transplant mum pregnant again with second child

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A woman who was one of the first to receive a womb transplant in 2014 is now pregnant with her second child, her doctor has revealed.

And the incredible success has UK doctors pushing ahead with their own plans for womb transplants to help infertile women become mums, but this time using donors on life support instead of living relatives.

Professor Mats Brannstrom,  the doctor behind the groundbreaking fertility surgery, made the announcement of the successful second pregnancy at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ annual meeting in Birmingham, the BBC reports

But, while most of the nine patients he treated in his Swedish clinic had wombs donated to them by their mothers, permission has been granted to UK doctors to carry out the first 10 womb transplants in Britain using donors declared brain dead but on life support.

Experts in the UK say the different approach was chosen because of the risks to the health and life of live donors.

UK Uterine Transplant Research Programme leader Richard Smith says Professor Brannstrom and his team have really paved the way forward.

“We have great admiration for all organ donors and those ladies who volunteered to undergo this groundbreaking surgery,” Mr Smith says.

“Absolute uterine infertility is a huge and growing problem affecting tens of thousands of women in this country – and the success of the Swedish team shows that at least some of these women will be able to bear their own child where before there was no hope.”

It’s amazing to think a child could share the same womb as the mother as was the case for baby Vincent in 2014.

(via BBC)


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