10 things all couples trying to conceive know to be true

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For some, it comes easily. For others, not so much. When you make the decision to have a baby, it can consume you. And when things aren’t going quite to plan, it can be devastating. If you’ve done the baby-making dance past the point where it was just a fun evening, then you know what we’re talking about.

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Everyone’s an expert when it comes to your family plans

After you’ve been together for a few years people often start with the questions – When you are going to have a family? Are you considering having a baby? Telling people you’re trying means they have all the advice in the world to offer you. Telling people you’re not planning on having kids results in awkward silences and weird stares.

Tell them you’re planning on getting a dog. Or, for the braver among us – cry loudly and awkwardly in front of them. They won’t ask again.

Every second person you see is pregnant

Where did all these pregnant women come from? Why are they all so young?

Newborn baby items are front and centre in the shops

You will be stunned by how cute they are. Resist the urge to stockpile. There will always be cute things.

Pregnancy tests are cheaper by the dozen

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So why not stock up and buy 85 of them? Because, waiting two full weeks to test is pretty hard! And testing three times a day makes sense, right? Well, for me it did anyway.

Suddenly, a kit/thermometer or ovulation app runs your life

Timing is everything when it comes to falling pregnant. Or so they say. So when you’re ovulating, it’s baby-making time, even if you’re in the middle of your favourite television show. Or a fight.

Lunch break sex becomes a thing

I’m sure my partner wasn’t the only one who had to drive back home on his lunch break for a quick one during the ovulation window. Eating on your lunch break is overrated anyway.

You will wonder whether anything they taught you at school about getting pregnant was actually true

So much for all those times you freaked about the possibility of falling pregnant accidentally. No such luck.

The upside-down after sex move is quite possibly the most awkward way to end a baby-making session

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Come on, you know you’ve done it… After all, we all know how gravity works. It only makes sense to help the process along by lying on your back with your legs in the air like an overturned turtle – right?

It’s completely normal to feel rotten every time it doesn’t work

Sometimes buying yourself a new handbag or phone makes you feel better – but it’s an expensive habit to get into.

Lifestyle changes are easier said than done

Preparing for pregnancy means a lot of things should be added, reduced or eliminated from your diet. For example, experts suggest adding more folic acid to your diet but reducing your intake of coffee and alcohol.

“You know what I’m really craving after a long day in the office? A cool glass of medicinal herbs,” said no person ever.

Reducing coffee, alcohol and tobacco goes for hopeful dads too. So at least you can enjoy your medicinal herbs on a Friday night together. Bottoms up.


Good luck to all the couples out there trying to conceive.  It’s not always a straightforward journey but really, no aspect of parenting is, so it’s great preparation for the future!



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