This ad for postpartum products shows what we really go through when peeing

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There’s lots we prepare for when growing a baby, like stocking up the nursery and doing birthing classes.

But one thing we don’t plan for is the agony that is going to the toilet in the postpartum period. And depending on how you’ve given birth, the specifics of this agony will differ.

But man, after watching this raw and honest video, the marketing department at Frida Mom has done a good job at reminding us why we need to also plan for this time – and pop some (preferably their) postpartum products in the bathroom drawer.

A wee problem

The video starts in the middle of the night. A new mum is woken by the cries of her hungry baby, who she shushes gently before hobbling to the bathroom wearing what looks like a nappy. Everything from getting out of bed to walking those few steps is an effort for the poor woman.

She sore. She’s just had her baby. She’s tired. And she’s needed.

All the while her baby is crying, but she needs to pee before she can feed him.

The only problem is, weeing after you’ve birthed a new life isn’t so easy. You can’t move freely, it’s also very tender down there and there is blood, probably a lot (which doesn’t appear in this video, but I digress). Peeing post-birth isn’t just a case of whipping down your PJ bottoms and doing a quick wizz before hopping straight back into your warm bed.

So she starts the rigmarole of pulling down her mesh undies, removing the old pad, applying a spritz of water, washing out the bottle, then she wriggles her toes before peeing (it hurts). After finally going to the loo, she applies more spray on her area and sticks on new pads.

But then Frida points out there is an easier way. Well played, clever marketing types. We can only assume you are mums who have also SO BEEN THERE.

We want to hug her

The other impact the video has, apart from us all rushing out to be buy Frida products for our mum-to-be friends, is that it reminds us how much care and love new mums need.

We wish we could put a supportive arm around this sore new mum, tell her she’s doing great and this too shall pass.

She won’t be in agony when she wees forever.


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