Melbourne school teacher finishes class and promptly delivers her own baby

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It’s fair to say that mum and school teacher, Sandra Rhodes is the efficient type. She finished her last day of work before heading off on maternity leave and then 30 minutes later gave birth to her bub – unassisted – on the bathroom floor at home.

Let’s do this!

Sandra is a teacher at Baden Powell College in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee, the Herald Sun reports.

She began her maternity leave back in January when she was 34 weeks pregnant, and her little one — who is similarly pragmatic — decided there was no time like the present to make her appearance.

As Sandra drove away from her last pre-bub day at school she began having contractions pretty much immediately.

“It was quite hot on that day — it was 39 degrees — so I was just feeling hot and uncomfortable from the weather,” Sandra told the Herald Sun.

“I had no thought that I was going to be going into labour that night let alone having a baby so soon after finishing work.”

“I was just uncomfortable.” Sandra told 9News. “I went and laid down on the bed to see if that would ease the pain.”

It’s business time!

But baby Eli had other ideas, prompting his mum to call 000 from the ensuite bathroom of her home. An emergency operator guided her through the very speedy self-delivery, which she managed brilliantly.

“I had my phone balanced on my chest so that I had my hands free to support myself, and then ultimately to catch him when he came out,” she told 9News.

What did Eli’s proud dad, Jack think of this amazing turn of events?

“It’s crazy … amazing. She’s a superstar,” Jack said, explaining that Sandra had the baby situation under control and her thoughts had turned to her visitors’ comfort next.

“She was worried about the bathroom floor!” Jack told 9News. “She apologised to the ambulance workers about the mess!”

A mind of his own

Eli was a clearly a little early, but he’s happy and healthy regardless.

“People have asked me if I was scared, but I didn’t really have a lot of time for thinking,” Sandra explained.

“I was on the phone to the ambulance, listening to what they were saying and communicating back to them what was happening — there wasn’t really a lot of time for being worried about things.”

Paramedics arrived soon after, followed by young Eli’s daddy, Jack.

“There she was on the bathroom floor, holding a perfect little pink baby, paramedic Belinda Delardes told the Herald Sun. “She was so calm, it was amazing.”

“There was no fuss,” paramedic Mark Johnson explained. “We didn’t have to do a whole lot — just gave the scissors to Dad so he could cut the cord.”

“You never think it will happen to you,” no-fuss legend mama, Sandra said of the experience that’s sure to follow baby Eli throughout his life.

Brilliant work, Sandra. Congratulations to the Rhodes family on this beautiful new arrival.


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