2020’s cutest gumboots for puddle-loving toddlers and preschoolers

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We’ve finally had a bit of rain across the country and it’s not only good for the garden (and the farmers and dams), it’s also a great reminder that it might be gumboot updating time!

We’ve scoured the interwebs to track down the cutest and most practical wellies for kids. There’s something for everyone, be they little admirers of pretty patterns or fans of extinct creatures.

Here’s 2020’s cutest gumboots for puddle-loving toddlers and preschoolers

1. Bunny business

Seed Bunny Gumboots

You can find these bunny gumboots over at SEED Heritage. They’re $29.95 and come in sizes 20 to 26.

2. Rainbow connection

NEXT rainbow wellies

These cheery rainbow handle gumboots are by NEXT. They retail for $25 a pair and come in sizes 3 to 12.

3. A whale of a time

Boden whale wellies

Find these lovely smiling whale wellies at Boden. They’re $48 a pair and come in sizes ranging from EU19 to 27.

4. Crikey! Puddles!

Crocodile gumboots

Crikey! Get your kiddo into some crocodile handle gumboots thanks to Kmart. They’re a very reasonable $15 a pair and come in sizes 6 through to 12.

5. An apple a day

Polka dot apple gumboots

These shiny and fruity polkadot apple gumboots are by Hatley. They cost $49.95 a pair and are available in sizes from 3 through to 12.

6. Gumbootasaurus Rex

Penny Scallan gumboots

The little palaeontologist in your life will love these Dino Rock Gumboots by Penny Scallan. They retail for $49.95 a pair and come in in sizes 5 through to 10.

7. Hunter style

Hunter Boots

We love these Hunter Original kids gumboots in musk-stick pink. They’re available at NEXT and retail from $73. They come in sizes EU24 through to 37.

8. Flashy hearts

BigW gumboots

Find these light-up heart rainboots over at Big W. They’re $15 a pair, and come in sizes from 6 through to 12.

10. Tiger, tiger

Tiger gumboots

How about some orange tiger wellies for the roarsome kiddo in your life? Find them at NEXT for between $21 – $24 in sizes 3 to 12.

They’re all so awesome! How on earth will you choose the right pair?! Perhaps ask your child to choose, actually …


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