11 enchanting gardens to create with your fairy-loving child

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When I was little, my bestie and I would spend hours in the garden creating little homes for the fairies we longed to exist. We’d fashion roofs out of leaves, garden paths from pebbles and use bark to create secret doors. 

If you build it they will come!

Fairy gardens are now something of a trend on Instagram and Pinterest, much to my adult’s hearts delight! Now I’m going to share this magical childhood fantasy with my own sons by creating a fairy garden with them.

You can too

You can use anything and everything to create a fairy garden. Marbles, little toys, broken garden pots, moss, leaves, shells and pebbles – your child’s imagination is the limit!

Here are 11 enchanting miniature gardens to create some fairy magic with your little one.

1. Fairies live here

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Bring a little magic to your garden by creating this fairy house with your kidlets. Think pebbles for a path, toy furniture and small plants.

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