Love Your Birth – Australian women share their incredible birth stories

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Every birth story is different and the thought of labour sends many a first-time mum-to-be into a mild panic. But every birth story is beautiful (or has a beautiful ending at least) and this is what Love Your Birth, a new book from an Aussie mum and doula, explores with raw emotion and eloquence.


Lana Bell has seen a lot of births in her eight years working as a doula. And she has heard a lot of amazing stories along the way. This is why she decided to create Love Your Birth – a collection of 29 positive birth stories from Australian women.


“Recent research shows that if a women is exposed to just one positive birth story, it can change the way she prepares for her own birth, therefore experiencing a better birth for both herself and her baby,” Lana explains to Babyology.


The combination of the stunning photography, all by which have been done by professional photographers and the uplifting birth stories will leave any mum-to-be feeling inspired and ready for the journey ahead.

“My hope is that this book goes a little way to empowering women to really look at their options and have amazing, life changing births,” Lana says.


The stories collected for this book showcase a range of births including natural hospital deliveries, home births, water births and caesareans.

All parents have their birthing method of choice, but these incredible photos and empowering stories show it really doesn’t matter how you do it; the end result is the same – a beautiful moment captured in time.


Lana is using crowdfunding to get the word out and there are various packages available for all parents-to-be who are looking for a positive way to prepare for birth or for those looking for a lovely gift to give to someone who is expecting.

You can purchase a copy of the book through the Love Your Birth crowdfunding page.


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