Oeuf shows us what’s hip in kids’ fashion for northern Autumn/Winter 2015

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Some brands have a knack for designing clothes that perfectly capture the essence of hip-before-it’s-hip, for doing something no one has ever seen before. Since the Spring/Summer 2015 collection was released, we’ve been waiting for Oeuf to tell us what’s next in the world of kids’ fashion and now we know!


Inspired by the Park Slope food co-op in its native Brooklyn, Oeuf has created a collection that’s at home at the farmers’ market, full of delightfully playful food references. Think fried egg berets (US$70), eggplant-coloured hoodies (US$164) with little green stems on the hoods, and jumpers ($124) with beautifully crocheted leaf collars. This collection walks the fine line between dress-up and beautifully stylish clothing, and falls squarely on the side of beautiful.

The colour palette revisists the Spring/Summer collection of deep navy blue, cream and golden yellow, with more colours added: eggplant, leaf green and shades of dusty rose.

Oeuf Bambi Hat

There are a few unisex bottoms to choose from. The wide-ribbed, knitted Everyday Pants (US$88) are wonderful with jumpers, or under tunics or the Ivy Dress (US$128). There are also Suspender Pants (US$110) with knitted braces attached, and for a looser fit, Hammer Pants (US$88).

These basics serve as a great base for the playful pieces. As well as the food-inspired jumpers and hats, there’s also a llama jumper, and a monster with cute crocheted claws. How a monster fits into a market-themed collection we couldn’t tell you, but somehow it’s just right.

For babies there are matching bouclé cardigans (US$90) with footed leggings (US$90) and sleep sacks with open bottoms, perfect for quick nappy changes.

Oeuf Baby

Like all things in fashion, accessories bring the collection alive. Knitted crowns perch on top of little regal heads, an open-faced Bambi balaclava with floppy ears frames rosy cheeks, and the short necktie scarf is the perfect size to keep kids warm without long ends getting in the way.

Oeuf Necktie

Oeuf don’t ship internationally, but you can find some of the range at Shopstyle. You can also catch up on past posts about Oeuf here.


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